When Choosing the Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

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Of all the challenging tasks that a home owner has to face, choosing the right floor plan is the most complicated one. There is no easy way to get it done and thus this frequently calls for the assistance of an expert with both knowledge and skill. Building a home in Oklahoma City is not a difficult task as help could be found everywhere. From home designing experts to real estate developers all come in abundance. However, floor plan comes with a big picture – future. You would be living in your home for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to think of pleasure and comfort simultaneously for your own sake.

Facts to Ponder Over

While building your home in Oklahoma City, you need to first ponder two important aspects:

  • Basic Concept of the Layout
  • Logic and Flow from Room to Room

Both the facts require equal consideration if you want a home to be comfortable for the long term.

Open Floor Plan

In Oklahoma City, the traditional if downright utilitarian ranch style house has given way to the more inviting open floor plan. At the same time that an open floor plan gives the illusion of a larger home, it permits greater flexibility in the flow from room to room. As the kitchen blends into the living room, access to bedrooms, bathrooms, and the study can be just within arm’s reach rather than down a congested hallway.

Rooms of Your Home

Yes, let’s begin with the most important part of your home – the rooms. The bedrooms are the most important ones to consider. In Oklahoma City you would find countless homes that are massive in size. However, while deciding upon number of bedrooms you need to think reasonably. How many do you exactly need? Does the number of rooms really matter more than the usability of each?

Dining Room

With time, the necessity of the conventional dining room has fallen as the casual breakfast nook has gained favor. However, you might consider building a traditional dining room which could be used to entertain guests. Other options include a wrap-around bar that can seat more people adjacent to the eating area.

Home Office or Study

With the rise in home based work, so too does the demand for home offices. Building in an option for a home office can add value to the home, especially if it is not strictly dedicated. If a suitable home office can just as readily become another bedroom or home gym, it can increase the appeal to a wider range of buyers.


A garage is essential not just for storing cars, but for storing tools and supplies that don’t belong inside, and providing a space for hands on types of work. Three car garages are quickly becoming the standard, but if perimeter space is an issue, a two-car deep space can be accessed from a single width garage door.

What You Need to Think About

Speaking with a professional home designer or developer is important. People usually see a house in their mind and try to turn it into a reality. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”. Designing a floor plan is not as intuitive as is commonly thought. If you really want to have the floor plan of your dream home, get in touch with a local custom homes expert.

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