Unusual Storage Spaces And Their Usage

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You are aware of every inch of your home, but when you need to store something, you may feel that there is no more storage left that you can use. This is a common problem for homeowners. Let us help you to innovate a few storage places just before your eyes.

Kitchen cabinet top:


You might think the countertop never needs more stuff, but you’d be surprised. Make extra room in your spice cabinet by setting up a classy countertop spice rack. Use a multi-layered fruit basket for handy apples and pears, over an extra level for regular clutter or utensils.

The windowsill:

The kitchen window recess can be fitted with a sleek shelving design to keep a few decorative or useful items. A nice set of glassware will make the window glimmer as the light will passes through.

Ceiling or wall fixing:

A pan rack can make a stunning addition to the vertical balance of a kitchen. You can fix a hook on the ceiling or in the sidewall and attach some storage space like a bracket, shelves or a seat, which will leave the underneath floor free.

Behind the sofa or couch:


Often the back portion of the couch is left unused as we do not think of it as storage. When the sofa or the couch is against the wall, no empty space can be found, but if you can drag the couch a feet or half away, you will get the space to stash some collapsible furniture. A nice console table in the hall can also serve the purpose of storing the extra dishware.

Shower room:

Looking around the bathroom for places to install a cabinet or add shelving is a unique challenge. Consider the shower itself: with creative tile work, extra space in the shower can be converted into storage for toiletries and even towels. This will make up for the lack of towel cabinet yet serve the purpose even better.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Are you planning to install hardwood flooring in your house and confused to choose between solid and engineered hardwood flooring? This infographic can solve your issues and help you make better decisions. You will get to know what solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring actually are and their several benefits. Also, you will understand which areas of your house require what type of flooring along with some useful maintenance tips.

Go through this infographic to learn more about solid vs engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid vs engineered hardwood flooring

A How-To Guide for Building a Custom Home in OKC

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custome home in OKC

The house reflects its owner’s character and likings. So it is essential to be sure that before you put boots on the ground, you need to know some important facts about custom house building. In the course of building the house or even at the inception phase, your family and friends will offer you lot of suggestions regarding house building, but take it with a grain of salt.  There are some points to remember.

Hiring the Architect

It is very important to know and have a clear idea of what customizations you want to make in your dream home. After that has been sorted, you need to find out the qualified architect who can convert your vision into reality. It would be wise to figure out what would be your budget and how much are you ready to pay to the architect.

Choosing the Builder

Just like choosing the architect, it is also very important to choose right builder. To some builders, customization can be a very easy thing to do, however, some traditional builders follow the traditional style of architecture and customization is not their forte. Do a bit of research before employing and lastly when you find the right kind of builder it would be easier for you as well as him to understand each other’s requirements.

Building a custom house takes time. Throughout this time the builders will be a part of your life. It is very important to make sure they are efficient, punctual and their work is flawless. Building a house involves a lot of money and since it is going to be the place where you will live for the rest of your lives, it should be always appealing and work of beauty even after 10 or 20 years down the line!

Financing Your Custom Home

This is another important point to remember before starting to work on your house. It is of paramount importance that you have a clear understanding of how much is it going to cost you in the process of building your custom house. A rough estimate so that you can plan accordingly. For example, in every house the kitchen is the place where everyone sits and gossips, it acts like the place where everyone likes to sit and talk.

Now, should you want an open kitchen or a traditional one and what are going to be the cost of making them? Those are important things to know in order to compartmentalize your money for the other features of your house.

The home building takes a lot of patience and skills and custom home are a step up which requires a lot of skills, architectural knowledge and expertise. OKC custom home builders have all those in them and are just the right choice for these kinds of jobs.

Quick, Easy, and Affordable Curb Appeal Tips

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Want to increase the curb appeal of your home? There are quite a lot quick, easy, and affordable ways you can try out that will surely turn heads of your neighbors. Here we have discussed some important ways which include some stylish house numbers, upgrading the front door and mailbox, cleaning all gutters, window makeover, landscaping, and more.

Go through this infographic to get a complete idea of how to increase the curb appeal of your home along with some basic mistakes to avoid.

Quick, Easy, and Affordable Curb Appeal Tips

The Latest Style Trends That You Have Heard About

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Home decor in Oklahoma City is known for its great taste and variety of interior décor ideas. Interior Fashion is one of the burning issues in recent times where creating a fresh look of your home is of prime importance. At present, there are wide ranges of products available to furnish your home beautifully.

Innovation and style tips make one choose the best of materials that make their home modern and at the same time preserve the traditional feel. Fusion of tradition and modernity gives a positive and fresh vibe to your home that adds up to its beauty. In Oklahoma City, there are wide ranges of options available for affordable home decorations that can be availed by many fortunate if they wish so.

Mixing different trends and adopting unique styles while decorating your home often leads to a dream home you wanted for an eternity. Following are a few tips from home designer in OKC that upgrades the look and appeal of your home.

Stone adds sophistication to your home

Home Decor in Oklahoma City

Marble and granite offer a range of styles and patterns with timeless elegance. Marble can be used on floors walls and other types of paneling as it has a lot of versatility in its usage. The harder stone granite is more commonly used in countertops. Marbles have a fine texture and are not damaged easily that makes it apt for the kitchen and stairs. Stone roofing tiles are a beautiful option if you’re willing to shell out the cash.

Save money with faux marble and granite

If you are looking out for a pocket-friendly trick to design your home at aplomb, then you can trust faux stone textures and patterns. The home designer in OKC has the best methods handy to make your home decoration phase the most happening moment of your life. Faux stone laminate and tiles are much cheaper than natural stone; for functionality, composites perform often even better than natural stone.

Brighter shades and Jewel Tones seal the deal

Brighter shades have a tendency to give a wide angle to one’s rooms and can gel easily with any room décor setup. The darkness of any room can be amplified with the use of brighter shades and jewel tones in the room and create a beautiful contrast.

Learn more details by right away contacting the home designer in OKC to get countless ideas on interior decoration. Jewel tones can be even used in curtains to bring the right feel to your room. Contrasting styles in your room can be mixed and matched with any design satisfactorily. This helps one breathe positivity at every step while thinking about one’s room.

A Flash of Millennial Pink infusing vigor into the room

Oklahoma City is known for its resplendent beauty and picturesque charm. Millennial Pink can be everywhere from an accent wall to throw pillows or rugs. This color which is a form of pale dusty rose is suitable to bring a fresh feel to your room. If you are in doubt you can ask the home designer in OKC and get assured about using it affordably.

If one is interested in following up new trends and is up to date with fashion style statements, then millennial pink is their color. It is most suitable if one matches it with a white walled background. The classic charisma of it which is at the same time trendy cannot be kept hindered at any point.

Level up the cozy feel of your home


The cozy feel of your home is everlasting if you want to keep it that way. The coziness of your home determines the amount of pleasure your guests derive from it. Time and again the level of the coziness of your home will automatically boost the comfort quotient of your room. A cozy room has the feeling of freshness intact. This lures people to your room more and more keeping the pleasure derived from a high note!

Exterior Remodeling Projects – What You Should Know

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exterior remodeling in oklahoma city

Planning to renovate or remodel the exterior of your house? It might sound easy but, it actually takes a lot of planning to execute it. The industry of house exterior remodeling is booming in the Oklahoma City and the surrounding regions.

A wrongly done home exterior can often give a negative shade on the overall aesthetic value of your luxury home. Thus it is of utmost importance to appoint the best luxury home designer OKC to transform the exterior of your precious house into something to be cherished over the years.

It’s time to make your home absolutely ready for evening parties and barbeques with a home exterior remodeling plan. But, before you start you should know about the following:

Research and choose the contractor

When you are absolutely unaware about the how’s of home exterior remodeling, it is best to do your bit of research and accordingly choose the housing contractor. Research can vary and can be widespread. It all depends on what you are looking out for as an ideal plan for designing the exterior of you luxury home in Oklahoma City.

Collect information about siding materials, look up some of the best luxury home designer OKC and communicate with them to have a better insight into the industry. Apart from that, you may also bank on real estate experts or even friend having knowledge that can help you understand what you can expect before going ahead with an exterior remodeling project.

Do research on different designs on online platforms too for better ideas. After all the budget and selection of material is dependent on the type of remodeling you want.

Selecting the siding material

This is where you can definitely take the assistance of the luxury home designer OKC that you hire. You are redefining the home exterior so why not make it worth it?

The siding material that you choose make sure that it fits the total budget that you have set for the remodeling project. One of the best and frequently used siding material by the home designers here in OKC is fiber cement siding. It is durable and shields from weather damages and rusting and is cost effective too as it needs no maintenance.

Avoid overspending, set the budget

First, list out the features that you would want to include in your revamped home exterior. Then calculate and get to know how much you can shell off for the remodeling project. The toughest part sets in now. You need to negotiate. After all, no one would like to have an empty pocket after the completion of the project.  Discuss it with the designing company and keep it realistic.

Have privacy

Privacy is important when a set of unknown faces is working around your house. Precaution is better than cure. At the end, you ensure your comfort inside your house irrespective of the hectic renovation.

Adopt Safety Measures

Any construction site, be it small or large-scale, definitely requires safety measures. Talk it out with your children and ensure that they take all the needed precaution during the remodeling process. If you have pets, keep them on tight supervision inside the house during this time.

Flexibility to success

Do acknowledge the fact that the best remodeling designer will put your needs on first priority. So, be flexible in accepting their suggestions because they know their job and work to satisfy you. Trust them as partners.

Paved patios and exterior paintings are the most remodeling ideas. You can create an outdoor kitchen as well for parties and get-togethers. Upgrading the drive or walkway and installing landscape lighting is in many trends for exterior remodeling projects.

The 10 best exterior design ideas for new home owners

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home designer in OKC

Everyone wants a home which attracts attention. However, at the same time, people also want homes that would blend with the neighborhood. Designing a home requires a lot of planning. You would have to select the right color, right material and also right shapes. This is not an easy task, and because of this, the home builders of Oklahoma opt for consultation before they begin their expedition of building their homes.

If you are about to build your home, you need to ask yourself what would make your home attractive. What the houses that make people stand and stare have got to offer? The Oklahoma home designers might have the answer to that question.

The homes that make people go green with envy usually follow some patterns. Making something visually appealing is an art which people need to acquire through practice and care.


Balancing Shapes and Symmetry

To make a house look excellent from outside you would have to go for the right shape and proper symmetry play. The Oklahoma homeowners opt for the balance to make their houses look good. There are countless ways through which you can make your home exterior appealing. You can strike an apparent symmetry balance, or you can just leave it to the imagination. Either way, you would need assistance from the experts.

Making Purpose of Home Obvious

Why are you building your home? Who would live there? What are the requirements of the people who would live there? Ask yourself this before building the home. Make the requirement of your family the theme of the home design. This would surely give your home a unique designer touch.

Right Material and Texture

Here you might get confused as there are a vast array of choices exists out there. You would need to make the right choice if you want to build a house to attract people’s awe and admiration. People of Oklahoma are mixing durability with the design. Usually, they create house exteriors that reflect their personalities. Are you a retro type person? If so, you can build a retro home with the help of the home designers. Consultation with an expert can help you avoid making mistakes that cost a lot of money.

Color Fusion

Here also you will find yourself perplexed at the hand of the choices. Which color do you choose for your house exterior? Would a bold color shade look good? Or, should you opt for a pale shade? Color plays a significant role in adorning a home exterior. You can paint the fence white for a nostalgic look or just go for a bright shade to stand out. The choice is yours however the color choice needs to balance the theme of the house.

The Right Roof

Choosing the roof design is not limited to the choice of colors and materials only. You need to consider a lot of facts. The roof needs to be durable. You must opt for something which lasts and withstands the assault of weather and time. The preferred design might not come within budget. Always consider durability and the budget together when you are trying to build the roof of your house.

The Garage Door

Some don’t consider the garage door as the part of the home exterior. However, this is not true. The Oklahoma home designers urge their clients to opt for garage door designing tutorials before making any decision. Yes, this is as important as the exterior of the house and the roof. Designing knowledge is only the light part, you would have to know about the insulation system and safety facts as well.

Once you have gathered enough knowledge, you are sure to have fun with garage door designing.

Windows that Look Great

Windows are more than a way to let air inside the house. These are features through which you can design your home. Therefore, make the windows priorities when you are designing your house. Two important facts you need to consider as you choose the right window – first the durability, then the style. The later should blend with the theme of the house.

A Great Entryway

The new age Oklahoma homeowners are going for the bold contrasting colors for their entryway. You can choose a darker shade while designing your entryway. The dark shade would make it stand out. However, in confusion, it is advisable to talk to a home designer.

Design the Landscape

The landscape needs more than green grass. You would have to adorn the landscape with well-planned trees and flower bushes. The idea is to make the landscape stand out.

However, the problem is choosing the right plant for the landscape. You can research about plants that are available. Or, you can simply opt for the flower plants that strike your fancy. While you are planning the lush yard for your home, you need to remember that plants take the time to develop. This is the reason you need to have patience.

Let there be Light

Some homeowners allow their homes to disappear into the oblivion. Don’t allow this to happen to your home. Light up the place properly. Choose the lightings that blend with your home’s theme. You need to choose lantern for a traditional home while modern lightings for modern settings.

Sometime in the middle of planning the right home design, you might lose your heart as home designing is a difficult task. However, with the help of the experts, this task can be made easy. If you think designing your home is an enormous task, you can get in touch with the home designers of Oklahoma City.




7 Exterior Home Improvements That Can Increase Resale Value

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Are you planning to resale your home but don’t know how to get the best value out of it? Check out these 7 exterior home improvements which include replacing your front door, proper landscaping, painting the exterior, adding home automation and more. It can help you get the best return on resale at the minimum expense.

Go through this infographic to know more about the 7 exterior home improvements that can increase the resale value of your home.

7 Exterior Home Improvements

Tips For Adding A Deck To Your Single-Story House

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A deck can be a wonderful addition to your house. It can create a sense of freedom which nothing else can offer. This is the reason most of the houses of Oklahoma are being built with decks that would serve the purpose of entertaining the guests. Deck also can be used for other important things like turning it into the dining space or for lounging. Building a deck on the lower level is an easier task than building it on a second or the third level. If you own a single story house and want a deck, the tips given below might help build your dream house.

Adding a Deck on Single Story House

If you explore recent trend in Oklahoma you will find that the homeowners prefer to build deck directly off the kitchen or living room areas. These are great ways of building your deck, but, you can consider some out of the box ideas well. The new age Oklahoma home designers are eager to experiment with new ideas and create houses.

Consider Climate

Well, when you are trying to build a deck, consider the climate of the area you are living. If the climate is hot, there is no point in building the deck where it gets afternoon or evening sunlight. Instead, find a place which would offer shade at this time of the day. In case, you live in a cool climate where the freezing breeze blows day long, you would have to find a place where sunlight is ample.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a living area which gives a stunning view, but, you can still choose to find a part of the house from where the world appeared beautiful. You can even choose the part of the house from where the sky could be seen unobstructed. This would give you a sense of freedom as well.


Well, those who desire to build a deck around their pool area would certainly want to have privacy. Sometimes houses don’t offer any private area where pool deck could be built. This is the time you would have to add fencing or wall. The modern day Oklahoma houses use trees around the pool to add shade and create a private area.


The railing and the seating areas can be considered when considering a deck. These add a glamorous look and this is the reason why it is advisable to include them to the deck area.

A home designer would be able to offer you much more advice which will make it come to life. In Oklahoma, you would find minimalist decks that are both graceful and stylish to look at.

Feng Shui Tips for Building New Home in Oklahoma

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Feng Shui Tips

Right, Feng Shui is important for a house. It plays a great role in health and wealth of the people who reside inside. The wrong setup can prove to be deadly while the right one can create a miracle. The interior designers of Oklahoma are decorating feng shui enhanced houses for this reason.


Oklahoma home designers encourage people to find the right location for the right house. Houses built by ridges or river are considered to be inauspicious. According to feng shui localities where accidents have taken place are also considered to be inappropriate for home building. Additionally, the T-shaped areas where three roads are coming together should be avoided due to many reasons.

The Direction

A lot depends on the direction of the house. It is said that South facing houses are most auspicious. If you are building a house make sure to choose the southern side for your house to face. Now, there are few factors which play here. You need to understand that fate plays a great role here. If you are a possessor of Yang along with the fire fate, you should choose the southwest side for your house to face. This is said to bring good fortune and most of the houses in Oklahoma are either south or southwest facing due to this reason.

The Exterior

Yes, the exterior of the house plays a great role in bringing good or bad fortune as well. The house which leans back against something including a building or a tall tree is considered to be an adherent of positive aura. Of course, you would have to keep the front side of the house open for the aura to get inside. Any house designer of Oklahoma would suggest you to build house accordingly. 

The Interior

It is not only the exterior of the house the interior also plays a major role in making or breaking it for you. Before creating the house design, you need to consult an expert for proper feng shui enhancement. L-shaped houses are not auspicious for the house owners. Therefore, L-shaped houses are not encouraged by the Oklahoma interior decorators. In fact, you need to have the clear idea about where to build your bedroom and puja alter.

Some Quick Pointers

It is said that you should start building your house from the beginning of a month. If that is not possible, you should choose the end of the month to start building your house. Always go for a sunny day to start building your house. Never choose a cloudy or rainy day for the auspicious event.

According to feng shui, if there is a pregnant woman in your family, you should not start building your house. Additionally, you should not opt for renovation either if there is a pregnant woman in your family.

Never place a tall tree in the front yard of your house. This can cause accident anytime. Tall trees are known to attract lightening as well. Now, if you really are fond of trees, make sure to place trees in the back yard of the house. Also, don’t place dead trees in the house this brings bad luck.


There are many other pointers as well which the feng shui experts follow. To have the in-depth knowledge you need to get in touch with interior decorators with feng shui knowledge.