The Ten Most Happening Trends In The World Of Home Design In 2017

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oklahoma home designer

Trends keep on changing and it is true for each and every domain. Here, we would talk about the changing home design trends for the year 2017 across the nations and no doubt, the Oklahoma home designers would never stay behind the race. They keep on thinking out-of-the-box and implement the innovative ideas with their work. After talking with a few of the top-notch home designers of Oklahoma, here we have jotted down the top 5 trends. Interestingly, the same top 5 trends are doing the rounds in the higher echelons of the world of home designs.

1.The Gorgeous Laundry Rooms

A fun and cheery ambiance help us to work better. In fact, given such an ambiance, we work effortlessly. Today’s homeowners are smarter and know how to add fun with a task. That is why; they do not hesitate to splurge on the laundry room remodeling process. Some popular trendy points are: making the space for smarter storage, enhancing the functionality of the room and making way for more light.

2.Amazing Entryways

A designer powder room is one of the latest things of importance in the world of home design. The best thing is that it does not cost you havoc. A simple but uniquely designed powder room could help you create the best first impression.

3.The Indoor Bathrooms With An Outdoor Feeling

What if you get the feeling of taking showers amidst the pristine nature every time you enter your bathroom? Well, for many, it is the lifetime dream comes true. So, all we similar thinkers, why not we opt for the strategic site placement or intimate courtyards that would help us connect with the outdoor, without compromising our privacy?

4.The Sturdy Kitchen Storage Walls

Give a breezy look to your kitchen with more open space. Keep the entire space for storage onto a single, sturdy wall, making it a one-stop hub!

5.The Satin like Brass Finishes

Old is ‘Brass’, at least it is in the case of trendy home designs. The brass finish can add an affordable glitter to the space along with having a special capability of complementing different styles. Some of the Oklahoma home designers are using the brushed or satin brass which is a rather muted form of its original peer. The satin brass finishes look wonderful against a variety of backdrop colors.

6.The voice-activated assistants

Want a smart-home ecosystem? Install the voice-activated assistants. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s voice-activated interfaces are helping people to develop a smarter home.

7.Remodel the vintage

All you savvy homeowners, think out of the box! Rather than going for a pre-manufactured vanity cabinet, remodel your old file cabinets or vintage consoles. Vintage fashion is making a glorious comeback in the world of home design.

8.Green designs

Go green, go back to nature. The wooden tone is the latest trend in the market.

9. Be space savvy

Whether you own a big or a small kitchen, making better ways for the open space is always a smart thing to do! Cabinet-depth fridges can save a lot of space and help your kitchen to have a stream-lined look!

10.Go Off-white

Most of us would agree with the soothing effects of white! Some home designers of Oklahoma are in the opinion that if you balance white with natural linen hues, it could create a breathtaking look.

Keep pace with the popular trends and give an attractive makeover to your home. If you are developing a new home, talk with Oklahoma home designers. After all, we do not develop a home every day, so whenever we do, it should be the ideal one!

The Negatives of Installing Timber Windows

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OKC luxury home plans

Timber windows really look stylish and attractive. But, many argue that they don’t last for a long time. Well, the answer to this question is neither a straight no or a straight yes. A lot depends on the type of timber used, the coating, design, installation techniques and so on. Today, we are going to discuss all these aspects to find out the actual answer, especially when you have OKC luxury home plans in mind.

 Types of timber: 

Engineered redwood

Laminated variety, free of imperfections and knots, high on stability with low knot bleeding. Hence, it is a good choice.

Grandis hardwood:

Comes in a combination of three ply that are laminated for extra stability. It is extremely durable and long lasting and is apt for stain coatings.


This is of the highest durability and is recommended for coastal regions

Laminated European Oak

Be cautious when you use it. Too much stretching can affect the coating used.

How the coating is applied

A lot depends on the type of coating and how the coating is applied. Keep in mind that the coating is used to enhance the longevity of the timber while ensuring that it retains its natural glow and can breathe easily.

 What type of coating to be used – paint or satin?

Factory finished timbers have a paint finish. The micro porous coating allows the timber to breathe which prevents cracking of the timber in addition to the flaking issues. Moreover paints last longer than satins. Make sure that that the manufacturer offers instructions on recoating and preventive steps.

 The Window Design

Finally a lot depends on the design. If it has rough edges, it will be more prone to developing cracks whereas round ended timber designs last long.

Now that you know what are the things to consider, go ahead and make your OKC luxury home plans.

Tips To Build A Budget Oak Frame House – Home Designer in OKC

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home designer in OKC

Home building is an essential investment that we all need to do once at least in our life and when you plan it well, you can actually execute the idea within a very limited budget too. Oak framed house look beautiful but it is often taken for granted that they must be very expensive which the case is not always. You can actually build an oak frame house within a budget limit and still your home would look beautiful and luxurious. Here are few tips which would help you fulfill your dream for an oak frame house and you can take professional guidance from the home designers in OKC.

Understand the key factors

What leads to expenses while building an oak frame house? The major part of the expense is incurred from complications with the building site and with combination for fixtures and fitting at various levels which increase the cost. The complexity of the design too leads to an increase in price. Hence the design should be budget friendly in the first place for reducing the cost for building such a house. You can also use a structural oak frame and this can help you keep some amount of control on the cost.

Simple design

The simplistic design is a key to the budget building of your home. The standard rectangular or square shape is the most cost effective shape for a building that you can opt for when you are on a budget. Also do not complicate the roof and window designs and position to ensure that your budget is maintained well enough. The home designers in okc offers in-house architectural services to help you build your home within a very limited budget. Also do keep in mind the cost of the land, and the various non-material fees associated with the home such as insurance, warranties and planning applications.

“Supply and erect” package

Often the clients opt for the already-erected oak frame and insulated wall and roofing encapsulation from the builders and from there they complete the work independently with the own subcontractor. This can reduce your cost even further provided the subcontractor you choose is cheap enough. Also some clients choose to finish the work on their own but then again, you need some amount of experience in home building to do so and hence if you do not have such experience it is always advised not to undertake such work just like that.

Cost effective glazing

While the modern oak frame houses feature large area of glass and glazed gables, the best way to get robust glazing in a budget would be the face glazing method. For this it is important that you get the services from specialized contractors who provide such services. With the help of the home designers in okc you can easily find such contractors.

Hybrid approach

Incorporating softwood frames at lesser important areas of the house is often considered to a good way to cut the cost for building a home. The areas like utility rooms, boot rooms and bathrooms are places are where you can go for softwood frames in combination with oak frames. In this way the character and beauty of oak framing is well maintained but you can reduce the cost and ensure that your house still looks beautiful. However all this depends on the design of the home and depending on the type of design whether you can at all include some amount of softwood framing within the home design. The base idea is that the oak frame should be visible while the softwood frames must blend in.

Luxury Home Plans for Small Houses

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OKC luxury home plans for small houses

When you have decided to make OKC luxury home plans it does not mean that you have to spend huge amount of money. If you plan wisely and take all the important factors into consideration, you will be able to get your dream home built in the least amount possible. Today we are going to discuss 3 different plans that you can consider to get the home of your dreams built.

Westover House Plan

 In this plan you get both innovation and classic elegance combined in the best possible manner. It has multiple amenities on offer that will go beautifully with the Oklahoma surroundings. In this plan the master bedroom is connected with the wet bar and study with two different upstairs layout and one basement. This plan is open to customization, which means you can get the home tailor-made as per your specifications.

Clearfield House Plan

In this second one of the three OKC luxury home plans you can easily combine craftsman style with hillside design. If you have a sloped plot, this plan will suit beautifully. Amenities include built –in with corner windows, fireplace, media center along with the window seat for some cosy “me” time. The dining room is quite spacious and boasts of double French doors that opens up to a deck and hutch area. Other rooms include – the laundry room, mudroom, wet bar and wine cellar to name but a few.

Aspen Creek House Plan

The third and final of the OKC luxury home plans is this one. One of the major attractions is the foyer that is well supported by the study room with coffered ceilings and built-ins. The guest bedroom has walk in closet and built in bathroom. The living room opens up to the master bedroom accompanied by a kitchen, breakfast bar, fireplaces in the corner and a cooking patio towards the rear of the house that opens up to two car garages. Beautiful isn’t it?

Finally the master suite is fit for a king and queen. It has a luxurious bathroom that is not only spacious but has vanities for both him and her, a separate tub and shower followed by a spacious wardrobe area. The utility room sums up the house.

You can take your pick from any of these three plans when you are planning to get your dream home built in Oklahoma. Make sure the house fits your budget and suits the property. Go ahead and checkout these three OKC luxury house plans today.

The Different Types Of Architectural Home Styles

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Home styles have experienced a lot of changes in this modern era. With the change in architectural design, the shapes and sizes of the houses are also changing. People are looking for innovative designs or planning to build houses according to their style of living. The various categories include Cape Cod, Craftsman, Contemporary, Colonial, Mediterranean, Ranch, Townhouse, Tudor, Victorian, Cottage, and Farmhouse.

Go through this below infographic and decide which home styles will suit you the best!

architectural home styles infographic

8 Types of Houses New Homeowners Go Crazy For

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A home that fulfills your dream of aesthetics, location, and all the best features is a nearly impossible to find. There are so many different modern architectures and designs today that provide you with variety to look into. The innovative interiors and the beautiful designs for the surrounding of the house are a treat for eyes. However, the classic designs have time and again been a favorite among many people and clients usually ask the builders in various regions of Oklahoma to stick to the conventional and traditional designs.

Old Homes

old houses
The old-world charm of the vintage architecture makes such houses a very popular choice. There are luxury home designers who renovate such houses to retrofit them with all types of modern amenities without compromising with their character. Houses in the countryside that are a bit secluded are popular among many clients. Homeowners can always renovate and modify such homes to add a personal touch.

Tiny Homes

While some people prefer spaciousness, the charm and creativity that can be packed into modern tiny houses is something to behold. The compact nature of such house is maintained with the help of various multipurpose furniture and fixtures. This kind of house or living space can be built even on water or within a boat or yacht. Such a home may appear cramped but in reality, every corner of the house is put to maximum use. The design is such that there is a dedicated style and purpose for each part of the house. Luxury home designers have designs for every need and they also design such homes in Edmond.

tiny houses

Homes on Wheels

House on WheelsModern mobile homes aren’t last century’s utilitarian trailers. Have you ever felt like taking your home along with our every time you travel? Now this is made possible with the latest architectural technologies where you have houses with wheels. Usually they are similar to tiny homes with compact setup of the house and its design and they have wheels which let you move about as and when you want. Such houses do not have rates and tax troubles and you can always move around as per your choice and save yourself from the headache of packing and unpacking.

Modern Homes

Nothing can beat the sophistication and comfort of a modern house. Perfectly designed to meet all the necessities of modern lifestyle, the modern house is luxurious with every convenient design you can think of. The luxury home designers have a plenty of designs that you can choose from when it comes of modern home designs. If you are in Edmond, you can easily connect with some of the top builders who specialize in such homes.

Minimalist Homes

minimalist homes

Image SRC:

As the name suggests, this kind of houses have minimal requirements where the residents can easily conserve energy – both electrical and mental – at their home. Though they sound very simple, such houses can be expensive, as many builders opt for novel materials and design techniques. Nevertheless, the ethereal beauty and serenity of such a home cannot be ignored.

Environmentally-Friendly Homes

Eco Friendly Homes

A dune house is a perfect example of environment friendly house. Making the most of your lawn for conserving the environment like planting and maintaining a large area full of trees and using all types of renewable energy for running the household is a major aspect of the environment friendly house. In Edmond, luxury home designers can design such a home for you, complete with solar water heaters, wind or solar power, and a battery of energy conserving techniques.

Beach Homes

Though Oklahoma doesn’t have beaches on the ocean, the state is famous for its many lakes. Overlooking water with a balcony opening up right to the beach is a dream home for many people. Beach houses can be expensive, not to mention land prices given the need to find a space level enough for building the beach house. Moreover, accounting for safety and architectural integrity when building near water can drive up the cost. The beach house can be of various shapes and size but the main purpose is to keep the house airy and open with amply balconies and large windows.

Rustic Homes

Rustic Houses

A beautiful log home amidst the meadows and forests of a lush country side is a fairytale to many. Rustic, ranch, or country homes are a staple of Oklahoma’s rural areas and remain affordable. The modern amenities are blended into the rustic charm of such homes by the luxury home designers as they design the house.

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Is Your Edmond Home Earthquake Proof?

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Home Designer in Edmond

According to, there were 623 earthquakes in Oklahoma of magnitude 3 or greater during 2016. One of the most damaging natural disasters known to man is the earthquake. This natural calamity occurs when there is a sudden release of energy between two plates in the Earth’s crust giving way to seismic waves. The aftermath of earthquake is severe. Loss of property, damage of building and plains including loss of life are some of the consequences of earthquake. Ask your home designer in Edmond to suggest steps to minimize the damage caused due to earthquake and follow some of the methods mentioned here:

Method One of Three:
How to prevent damage to your home?

i) Analyze the elements outside your home that can cause severe damage:

  1. Trees, electrical lines, electrical wires and so on.
  2. Reinforce the foundations surrounding electrical lines and wires so that the chance of these things getting uprooted during earthquake gets minimized.
  3. If the trees surrounding your house and property have become old and weak, hire professionals to cut down the tree or chop down the branches.

ii)Make necessary repairs to your home:

  1. Whether your home is located in an earthquake prone area or not, there is no harm in repairing your home at frequent intervals. This is safe for the home dwellers and for your house too. A well maintained house will fetch good resale value.
  2. Check out the chimneys, walls and foundation as well as the roof tiles. If you think repair is necessary, hire the services of a professional.
  3. Your home designer in Edmond will be able to tell you how to repair the chimneys, floor tiles and roof. Follow his instructions thoroughly.

iii)Is there any cripple walls? If yes, then add proper support to it:

  1. Over a period of time, the walls in our house lose their strength. Some of them become too weak and are termed as cripple walls. In case you have one such wall at home add 2×4 cardboard boxes to provide support to the wall.

iv)Build better walls:

  1. Conventional 2×4 framing beams are sturdy and inexpensive, however, 2×6 beams have increased in popularity due to their added resistance to high winds and earthquakes. Materials other than wood may be used to bolster wall strength; for instance, steel framing and plating are used in above ground storm shelters.

v)Opt for windows with round corners rather than sharp edges:

  1. Windows with round corners can better bear the brunt of earthquakes and other natural calamities. Windows with sharp edges create pressure points which are more likely to damage the walls.

vi)Restrict the number of furniture items, electrical equipment at home:

  1. To minimize the effect of earthquake, secure wall hangings, computers and bookshelves with flexible fasteners. For large appliances like water heaters, refrigerators, ovens and washers and dryers, get them bolted down so that the gas and water lines don’t break under pressure.

Method Two of Three:
Review the damage caused by the earthquake

Inspect your home to find out about the intensity of damage caused:

Inspect your home ASAP after the earthquake is over. If you find that the damaged caused is too high and there are chances of walls falling apart any time, evacuate the house. Moreover you need to get rid of the debris as well. If you notice cracks or persistent leaks, have the frame, foundation and plumbing inspected by professionals.

Clean up the spills:

When you inspect your home you will find that medicine bottles have broken causing spills all around the house. You need to clean them immediately so that they do not get in touch with other items and turn them unsafe.

Check your utilities:

Some damage may cause exposed wires or water leaks. It’s wise to switch off the circuit breakers just in case, so you can assess the damage around your home. Water may be shut off at the main from the road.

Method Three of Three:
Preparing for an Earthquake:

Create an emergency plan:

It is ideal to have an emergency plan in place. This will include a map of your house so that you know all the entry and exit points of your house. If the situation so arises you will be able to evacuate the house on a priority basis. Sit in discussion with your home designer in Edmond to have the plan ready.

Have an emergency kit in place:

This kit should comprise of non perishable food items that will last for several days, water bottles and even medical items so that in case of any physical injury, first aid can be offered.

Shut down the utilities in times of an emergency:

The moment an earthquake strikes, switch off the electrical lines and water supply to minimize the risk of electrocution.

Review your home insurance at periodic intervals:

Go through your home insurance policy at regular intervals to ensure that in case of any damage you can seek financial assistance.

Green Construction Techniques For Small Office Buildings

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Green construction techniques are being widely carried out by various construction companies nowadays. Small office buildings which are being set up in various parts of the country are trying to go green. More investments are being made for environmentally friendly buildings with an eye on the health of the occupants as well as lower energy consumption.

Find out in this below infographic why going green can be beneficial for your small office and the green construction techniques involved in it:

Green Construction Techniques Infographic

Style Your Home With The Concept Of Feng Shui In 2017

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This year design your dream home with the concept of Feng Shui. As we all know Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which helps create a positive atmosphere for your home. There are five elements related to this concept which are represented by various colors. These five elements are – Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal which creates energy imbalances in your home. It is however recommended to use only one element in a room to enhance the energy flow at any given time. Here we will discuss the five elements in detail with the help of this infographic given below.

Style Your Home With Feng Shui Infographic

10 Home Décor Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

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design trends of 2017

Oklahoma’s capitol city is the cosmopolitan heart of the state, offering state of the art infrastructure, design, and architecture. Featuring some of the largest and most innovative single family homes in the US, Oklahoma City has been a hub of the growth and development of the home design industry. If you are looking to build a custom home, you can choose from a range of design and build specialists the city has to offer. When thinking about what you want in a custom home, consider these 10 Home Décor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017.

  • “I can’t believe it’s wallpaper!”: Just when you thought wallpaper was out of style for good, advances in design have given the once maligned décor element a new life. From brick, to marble, to faux bookshelves, to modern art, to natural scenery, wallpaper now offers a trompe l’oeil appeal. When thinking about your accent walls, give wallpaper a hard-earned second look.
  • Matte finishes: Remember when shiny brass everything was big 20 years ago? Brushed and bronzed metal eventually ousted that trend, but nowadays, flat is in. Matte finishes offer a clean, modern look to electrical and plumbing fixtures as well as appliances. Matte finish woodwork can offer that lauded Danish sense of “hygge” or coziness, without looking too homely.
  • Glass tile: Where busy Renaissance themed tile may have dominated over the past decade, the clean look and visual depth of glass tile is slowly taking over. Keep your home trendy in 2017 with blue, green, grey or neutral toned glass tiles on your shower walls or kitchen backsplash.
  • Marble countertops: Granite has had a long run as the most durable and yet beautiful natural stone for countertops; but nowadays, natural and engineered marble are taking center-stage. Perhaps in response to the clean modern look in vogue today, marble offers stunning natural patterns to toss in a bit of eclecticism. Engineered marble is looking more and more like the real thing, all the while proving more heat, scratch, and stain resistant than the best treated granite.
  • Grey – The Novel Neutral: How many different shades of beige do we have to invent before we decide it’s just too vanilla for 2017? Grey is undoubtedly the new beige. Dark grey walls offer a profound sophistication to a home office; blue greys emanate serenity into the master bedroom. Contrasted with light colored trim and furniture, grey is anything but boring.
  • Indoor Vines: The humdrum of the old potted plant got you down? Reinvent the houseplant with an indoor wall of vines. A trough, a trellis, and the occasional pruning are all you need for a breath-taking touch of nature in your home.
  • Wood Tile: If you’ve ever wanted the old world charm of universal wood floors without the practical nightmare of wood in the kitchen or bathroom, wood-look tile has your fix. The variety of looks now available can give your home a uniform look throughout, with all the usability of tile where you need it.
  • Heated Floors: Definitely something to consider when planning a custom home, heated floors offer a great way to efficiently heat your home in the winter. Since many Oklahoma homes are built on a concrete slab, cold weather is often immediately obvious through the temperature of the floor.

If you’re planning to hire a custom home designer this, be sure to think ahead for the trends you want to capitalize on.