7 Exterior Home Improvements That Can Increase Resale Value

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Are you planning to resale your home but don’t know how to get the best value out of it? Check out these 7 exterior home improvements which include replacing your front door, proper landscaping, painting the exterior, adding home automation and more. It can help you get the best return on resale at the minimum expense.

Go through this infographic to know more about the 7 exterior home improvements that can increase the resale value of your home.

7 Exterior Home Improvements

Tips For Adding A Deck To Your Single-Story House

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A deck can be a wonderful addition to your house. It can create a sense of freedom which nothing else can offer. This is the reason most of the houses of Oklahoma are being built with decks that would serve the purpose of entertaining the guests. Deck also can be used for other important things like turning it into the dining space or for lounging. Building a deck on the lower level is an easier task than building it on a second or the third level. If you own a single story house and want a deck, the tips given below might help build your dream house.

Adding a Deck on Single Story House

If you explore recent trend in Oklahoma you will find that the homeowners prefer to build deck directly off the kitchen or living room areas. These are great ways of building your deck, but, you can consider some out of the box ideas well. The new age Oklahoma home designers are eager to experiment with new ideas and create houses.

Consider Climate

Well, when you are trying to build a deck, consider the climate of the area you are living. If the climate is hot, there is no point in building the deck where it gets afternoon or evening sunlight. Instead, find a place which would offer shade at this time of the day. In case, you live in a cool climate where the freezing breeze blows day long, you would have to find a place where sunlight is ample.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a living area which gives a stunning view, but, you can still choose to find a part of the house from where the world appeared beautiful. You can even choose the part of the house from where the sky could be seen unobstructed. This would give you a sense of freedom as well.


Well, those who desire to build a deck around their pool area would certainly want to have privacy. Sometimes houses don’t offer any private area where pool deck could be built. This is the time you would have to add fencing or wall. The modern day Oklahoma houses use trees around the pool to add shade and create a private area.


The railing and the seating areas can be considered when considering a deck. These add a glamorous look and this is the reason why it is advisable to include them to the deck area.

A home designer would be able to offer you much more advice which will make it come to life. In Oklahoma, you would find minimalist decks that are both graceful and stylish to look at.

Feng Shui Tips for Building New Home in Oklahoma

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Feng Shui Tips

Right, Feng Shui is important for a house. It plays a great role in health and wealth of the people who reside inside. The wrong setup can prove to be deadly while the right one can create a miracle. The interior designers of Oklahoma are decorating feng shui enhanced houses for this reason.


Oklahoma home designers encourage people to find the right location for the right house. Houses built by ridges or river are considered to be inauspicious. According to feng shui localities where accidents have taken place are also considered to be inappropriate for home building. Additionally, the T-shaped areas where three roads are coming together should be avoided due to many reasons.

The Direction

A lot depends on the direction of the house. It is said that South facing houses are most auspicious. If you are building a house make sure to choose the southern side for your house to face. Now, there are few factors which play here. You need to understand that fate plays a great role here. If you are a possessor of Yang along with the fire fate, you should choose the southwest side for your house to face. This is said to bring good fortune and most of the houses in Oklahoma are either south or southwest facing due to this reason.

The Exterior

Yes, the exterior of the house plays a great role in bringing good or bad fortune as well. The house which leans back against something including a building or a tall tree is considered to be an adherent of positive aura. Of course, you would have to keep the front side of the house open for the aura to get inside. Any house designer of Oklahoma would suggest you to build house accordingly. 

The Interior

It is not only the exterior of the house the interior also plays a major role in making or breaking it for you. Before creating the house design, you need to consult an expert for proper feng shui enhancement. L-shaped houses are not auspicious for the house owners. Therefore, L-shaped houses are not encouraged by the Oklahoma interior decorators. In fact, you need to have the clear idea about where to build your bedroom and puja alter.

Some Quick Pointers

It is said that you should start building your house from the beginning of a month. If that is not possible, you should choose the end of the month to start building your house. Always go for a sunny day to start building your house. Never choose a cloudy or rainy day for the auspicious event.

According to feng shui, if there is a pregnant woman in your family, you should not start building your house. Additionally, you should not opt for renovation either if there is a pregnant woman in your family.

Never place a tall tree in the front yard of your house. This can cause accident anytime. Tall trees are known to attract lightening as well. Now, if you really are fond of trees, make sure to place trees in the back yard of the house. Also, don’t place dead trees in the house this brings bad luck.


There are many other pointers as well which the feng shui experts follow. To have the in-depth knowledge you need to get in touch with interior decorators with feng shui knowledge.


Keep Your Home Traditional, Give It a Timeless Look

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Keeping up with the modern era is difficult if you are still in love with traditional home designs. You can always keep the conventional hone design intact, just blend it with a little contemporary design and you are all set to go. You will find many home designers in Oklahoma, who has mastered the art of balancing the traditional design with the prevailing modern design to create a breathtaking home interior.

The perfect color, warm lighting effects and ideal furnishing can strike the perfect chord in making your home one of the most sophisticated living place. So how do you exactly keep the interior traditional yet very modern, here are some secrets:-

Add the warmth with color

The traditional home interior is known to lack color. On the flip side, neutral colors evokes a sense of warmth, making the traditional home interior still the most sought after. While going for the traditional home style, you can’t really be daring with color. Keep it simple yet elegant with colors like cream, beige, ivory or off-white.

Comfortable living room

Don’t place too many furniture’s in the living room. Trying to make it look gorgeous will steal the touch of traditional style from the interior. You can consult some of the best home designers in Oklahoma, on how to design the living room.

Even the window matters

Your kids might find it boring, but in traditional home interiors, windows generally have solid-color curtains. You can use wooden rods or metal rods to hang the drapes. Make sure to match the curtains with the color of the wall, to bring out the elegant look.

Be careful about the flooring

Traditional home design don’t really give you the freedom to play with colors. Therefore, you will have to keep it simple even when it comes to the floor. Soft color rugs or carpets are the best to go with the home interior, the furnishing and the walls.

Bright lights

Elegance has a fine relation with the placement of lights. The color of light, the placement of light plays a major role in deciding the warmth of the interior. It is always advisable to consult any of the experienced home designers in Oklahoma, who has executed these sort of work efficiently.

The cooking place

Here is where you will find most of your guests lingering around, when you throw the house-warming party, therefore, carefully designing the kitchen is very important. Traditional home designs need cautious inspections. Every corner has to be taken care of. The cabinets should be of light color and should be matching the floor and the walls.

Having a traditionally designed home is beautiful but you should invest enough time on deciding the interior, the theme, the patter, well almost every corner. Traditional design with a touch of modern art will create a timeless beautiful home for you to cherish.

Top 7 Tips to Keep in Mind While Building a Solid New Home Foundation

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home foundation

While building a house, footing and foundations are the 2 main things to be careful about. It is the arms and legs of the house, without a proper footing and foundation the structure won’t be able to support itself as it carries the total weight and the balance of the house. The balance is as important as the structure as both are correlated.


Though not too common in Oklahoma, basements are found in many homes. There are many people who make sure they have a basement in their household. When a basement is built, it goes deep below under the area’s frost depth. It is also required to place an 8 ft wall which encases a 4 inch slab concrete. This space can always be used for an underground workstation or store room even an office.  If you setup rigid foam insulation beneath the basement slab you can also enjoy fishing from the basement.


Crawlspaces are very common in most of the houses, like the basements the footing goes deep beyond the frost area. The space between the ceiling and floor gives just enough for someone to crawl through. Most of them have vents for the prevention of moisture. Although it has been seen that instead of cutting off the moisture limit, it accumulates. So it is advisable to cover the area with a concrete slab or even a polythene vapor barrier.


As the name suggest, it is nothing but a huge concrete slab placed over the main living area. It acts the secondary floor for the house. The footing is shallow for this slab and the main purpose of this slab is to distribute the weight of the house equally. Before the slab is laid out, a thin coating of gravel is placed on top of it a wire mesh is placed so that the slab gets enough room for drainage from underneath.

Soil Checking

Whether the house is situated on a pier or and the foundation is laid upon a beam or slab, we all know a foundation is the main thing on which the building stands. So that being said, foundation testing or soil testing is immensely important aspect before putting down the foundation. Oklahoma home designers make sure that this step is carried out without any miss. If the foundation is laid on dry or dense soil, even if the structure is not perfectly built the house have any visible deformities like cracks or such, but if the ground is soft with clay it is highly likely the house will not be safe to reside in, let alone cracks.

Keeping it Dry

It has been seen that the moisture in the soil seeps into the concrete making damp. The concretes are not water resistant. Hence the best way to take care of this situation is to apply moisture coating in the outer parts the slab. You can also place hole riddled pipe around the slab which can help to get rid of the excess dampness.

Signals of Trouble

The worst signs of foundation failure are the horizontal cracks which according architectural experts say are the primary indication of the foundation in a compromising state. This type of event is more familiar with the block walls and seldom happens occurs with poured type concrete.


There is a common saying, “a house is just a structure while a home is an emotion”, and we need to be very careful so that our homes are safe for us and for our family. We need to keep in mind some important things before and while making the house so that it is remains safe for us and a long lasting one too.

Consider The Orientation Of Sunlight When Building A Trendy Home In Oklahoma

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trendy home in Oklahoma

Proper orientation matter when you are going to buy a new home or wish to build a new abode for you. The direction of sun matters a lot. Yes, you heard it correctly. Apart from the location, amenities and the connectivity, what is more important is the orientation of the sunlight. However, most people forget to consider this point when construction a new house. If you a wannabe in this field, it is should be your initial duty to aware of the fact that the situation of the sunlight matters while designing a trendy home in Oklahoma and one should be very careful about it as once you have taken a wrong step here, there should be no retreat.

The building orientation according to the sun’s position makes sense as it gets proper relief in summer or winter. For example, avoiding excess solar beam is reflected in summer and vice versa in the winter.

Do you know, the ancient Greek and Romans build their houses keeping their mind in the seasonal social system and sun exposure. Between the sunrise and the sunset , the sun changes its orientation and the angel of the light beam many times. Therefore, it will be an effective and intelligent idea to make new home keeping in mind about the sun exposure.

Here are some basic facts on the direction of the sunlight and its benefits. Consider these while you are planning to build a home in Oklahoma.

East /West axis:

Building a house to the long east or west axis within 150 is always beneficial as the passive solar energy will be rectangular rather than exposure on the south designs that are east or west facing are basically shorter than the design facing to the north or south. The less using part of a home-  thermal  like garages or the laundry rooms should be at the short end as it provides a thermal buffer zone against permeation of the cold east or west cold wind at winter.

South exposure:

Face the reality, the front size homes with 200 either sides of the extreme south bring extreme heat inside the house in winter. However, heating or cooling in winter will be easy. On the other hand, the large frame window homes are overheated in summer. When the home direction is on the extreme south-west you will surely miss some benefits of direct solar heating in winter,

Window area:

If you have a wall to the south, it is important to install a large number of windows on that wall. Make sure more than 50% of the walls are kept for the window. 90% of the south faced windows should be shaded by trees and shrubs outside to avoid the mid-summer sun.

Landscape and Terrain

A right position of a home is really a big achievement. Planting long trees can offer a quite good shades from the high-angle summer sun beams. If you plant the deciduous plant, winter will be enjoyable as the leaves will not make a hindrance of the winter sun beams. The evergreen trees or the small hills to the north side of the home can buffer cold wind in winter. It will be effective if there are some water bodies nearby. It will make the place cool in summer.

The position and the orientation of the sun are important really very important when you are eager to build a trendy designer house in Oklahoma. Building new home thinking about the sun position has become the new fashion that brings a good health of the house as well as the members of the house. asking your home designer could be effective if you have any doubt on the sun orientation.

Are Green Roofs Really Good For You?

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Green roofs are an important part of every building these days. There are several benefits associated with green roofs like it helps to absorb sunlight, extends roof life, absorbs rainwater, decreases outside noises, keeps the temperature down, resists fire, improves air quality, increases efficiency, and feeds your pets. The lack of greenery is a major threat to our future environment and hence green roofs can help solve such problems.

Go through this infographic to know more about the benefits of having green roofs for your home.

Are Green Roofs Really Good For You

Successful Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

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We all dream of staying in a luxury home. However, there are various ways we can make our home a successful one. There are certain things to look after like market conditions, consultation with a good representative, loans & financing, ideal location, selecting custom features, proper inspection of the site, and last but not the least a closing attorney.

Go through this infographic to have a detailed understanding of all these successful tips for buying a luxury home.

Successful Tips for Buying A New Home

Window Shutters Say A Lot About Your Home

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window shutter

Sometimes while going for a home renovation we give our windows a miss. That’s probably what we don’t care about. Check out how your window is looking from inside, well take a look at how it is looking from outside. The window will give out an impression of your home and your taste. Therefore, you need to be careful not only about the window but about its shutter as well.

Once you have settled down with the window, the main challenge is going to be the shutter. Yes it’s going to be a little difficult to choose the window shutter, but if you follow a proper guide it can be very helpful for you.

What all needs to be kept in mind while choosing the right window shutters? Here goes the checklist.

The first decision

  • The first and the most important thing you need to ask yourself is, where are you going to install the shutter? Is it inside or outside? Inside shutters comes with the option of how much window will remain covered and how much window will remain displayed. That depends on you. In Edmond, high wind is very common. Exterior shutters will help to protect the windows as well as the interior of the home from wind.

To be simple or stylish is a question to ponder

  • Once you are through with the installation decision, now comes the time to display your home decoration taste. Panel style plays a major role in choosing a window shutter. You have got ample of choices when it comes to panel styling. You can choose louvered shutter, which is durable and adds an extra layer of style to your home. Raised panel can be a good option to protect your home from external calamities. Don’t get confused between the shaker shutter and raised panel, both looks identical. The only thing is shaker shutter has a flat body. Scandinavian shutter is a great help when the condition worsens, it will act like a shield. It might be tough for you to choose just one from so many panel styles. It never hurts to consult an expert. Talk to any of the home designer in Edmond, they will make your decision easy.

Size matters

  • Now comes the size. Cafe style shutter is extremely famous in Edmond. You can choose this style to highlight the elegant side of your home. This will definitely add an extra layer of charm to your home. You can go for a full height shutter, which is cost effective and very common. Tier on tier is another common window shutter used in Edmond. It is famous because, it gives an option to choose which part of the window should remain open and which part has to be kept closed.

Finally giving it a shape

  • Sorting out the panel style and size won’t mark the end of your hard work. Shapes can be tricky as well. This has to be matched with the shape of your window. In case you find it to be very difficult try consulting one of the home designer in Edmond, your work will be half done.

The last step

  • Check which shutter material is best suited for your window. You can go ahead with wood shutters or laminates shutters or metal or maybe PVC.

The checklist is huge. Home renovation requires hard work. If you have decided to make you home one of the most elegant homes in Edmond, try choosing things very cautiously. It won’t be so difficult if you follow the guide properly.

When Choosing the Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

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building a home in oklahoma city

Of all the challenging tasks that a home owner has to face, choosing the right floor plan is the most complicated one. There is no easy way to get it done and thus this frequently calls for the assistance of an expert with both knowledge and skill. Building a home in Oklahoma City is not a difficult task as help could be found everywhere. From home designing experts to real estate developers all come in abundance. However, floor plan comes with a big picture – future. You would be living in your home for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to think of pleasure and comfort simultaneously for your own sake.

Facts to Ponder Over

While building your home in Oklahoma City, you need to first ponder two important aspects:

  • Basic Concept of the Layout
  • Logic and Flow from Room to Room

Both the facts require equal consideration if you want a home to be comfortable for the long term.

Open Floor Plan

In Oklahoma City, the traditional if downright utilitarian ranch style house has given way to the more inviting open floor plan. At the same time that an open floor plan gives the illusion of a larger home, it permits greater flexibility in the flow from room to room. As the kitchen blends into the living room, access to bedrooms, bathrooms, and the study can be just within arm’s reach rather than down a congested hallway.

Rooms of Your Home

Yes, let’s begin with the most important part of your home – the rooms. The bedrooms are the most important ones to consider. In Oklahoma City you would find countless homes that are massive in size. However, while deciding upon number of bedrooms you need to think reasonably. How many do you exactly need? Does the number of rooms really matter more than the usability of each?

Dining Room

With time, the necessity of the conventional dining room has fallen as the casual breakfast nook has gained favor. However, you might consider building a traditional dining room which could be used to entertain guests. Other options include a wrap-around bar that can seat more people adjacent to the eating area.

Home Office or Study

With the rise in home based work, so too does the demand for home offices. Building in an option for a home office can add value to the home, especially if it is not strictly dedicated. If a suitable home office can just as readily become another bedroom or home gym, it can increase the appeal to a wider range of buyers.


A garage is essential not just for storing cars, but for storing tools and supplies that don’t belong inside, and providing a space for hands on types of work. Three car garages are quickly becoming the standard, but if perimeter space is an issue, a two-car deep space can be accessed from a single width garage door.

What You Need to Think About

Speaking with a professional home designer or developer is important. People usually see a house in their mind and try to turn it into a reality. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”. Designing a floor plan is not as intuitive as is commonly thought. If you really want to have the floor plan of your dream home, get in touch with a local custom homes expert.