Are Green Roofs Really Good For You?

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Green roofs are an important part of every building these days. There are several benefits associated with green roofs like it helps to absorb sunlight, extends roof life, absorbs rainwater, decreases outside noises, keeps the temperature down, resists fire, improves air quality, increases efficiency, and feeds your pets. The lack of greenery is a major threat to our future environment and hence green roofs can help solve such problems.

Go through this infographic to know more about the benefits of having green roofs for your home.

Are Green Roofs Really Good For You

Successful Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

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We all dream of staying in a luxury home. However, there are various ways we can make our home a successful one. There are certain things to look after like market conditions, consultation with a good representative, loans & financing, ideal location, selecting custom features, proper inspection of the site, and last but not the least a closing attorney.

Go through this infographic to have a detailed understanding of all these successful tips for buying a luxury home.

Successful Tips for Buying A New Home

Window Shutters Say A Lot About Your Home

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window shutter

Sometimes while going for a home renovation we give our windows a miss. That’s probably what we don’t care about. Check out how your window is looking from inside, well take a look at how it is looking from outside. The window will give out an impression of your home and your taste. Therefore, you need to be careful not only about the window but about its shutter as well.

Once you have settled down with the window, the main challenge is going to be the shutter. Yes it’s going to be a little difficult to choose the window shutter, but if you follow a proper guide it can be very helpful for you.

What all needs to be kept in mind while choosing the right window shutters? Here goes the checklist.

The first decision

  • The first and the most important thing you need to ask yourself is, where are you going to install the shutter? Is it inside or outside? Inside shutters comes with the option of how much window will remain covered and how much window will remain displayed. That depends on you. In Edmond, high wind is very common. Exterior shutters will help to protect the windows as well as the interior of the home from wind.

To be simple or stylish is a question to ponder

  • Once you are through with the installation decision, now comes the time to display your home decoration taste. Panel style plays a major role in choosing a window shutter. You have got ample of choices when it comes to panel styling. You can choose louvered shutter, which is durable and adds an extra layer of style to your home. Raised panel can be a good option to protect your home from external calamities. Don’t get confused between the shaker shutter and raised panel, both looks identical. The only thing is shaker shutter has a flat body. Scandinavian shutter is a great help when the condition worsens, it will act like a shield. It might be tough for you to choose just one from so many panel styles. It never hurts to consult an expert. Talk to any of the home designer in Edmond, they will make your decision easy.

Size matters

  • Now comes the size. Cafe style shutter is extremely famous in Edmond. You can choose this style to highlight the elegant side of your home. This will definitely add an extra layer of charm to your home. You can go for a full height shutter, which is cost effective and very common. Tier on tier is another common window shutter used in Edmond. It is famous because, it gives an option to choose which part of the window should remain open and which part has to be kept closed.

Finally giving it a shape

  • Sorting out the panel style and size won’t mark the end of your hard work. Shapes can be tricky as well. This has to be matched with the shape of your window. In case you find it to be very difficult try consulting one of the home designer in Edmond, your work will be half done.

The last step

  • Check which shutter material is best suited for your window. You can go ahead with wood shutters or laminates shutters or metal or maybe PVC.

The checklist is huge. Home renovation requires hard work. If you have decided to make you home one of the most elegant homes in Edmond, try choosing things very cautiously. It won’t be so difficult if you follow the guide properly.

When Choosing the Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

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building a home in oklahoma city

Of all the challenging tasks that a home owner has to face, choosing the right floor plan is the most complicated one. There is no easy way to get it done and thus this frequently calls for the assistance of an expert with both knowledge and skill. Building a home in Oklahoma City is not a difficult task as help could be found everywhere. From home designing experts to real estate developers all come in abundance. However, floor plan comes with a big picture – future. You would be living in your home for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to think of pleasure and comfort simultaneously for your own sake.

Facts to Ponder Over

While building your home in Oklahoma City, you need to first ponder two important aspects:

  • Basic Concept of the Layout
  • Logic and Flow from Room to Room

Both the facts require equal consideration if you want a home to be comfortable for the long term.

Open Floor Plan

In Oklahoma City, the traditional if downright utilitarian ranch style house has given way to the more inviting open floor plan. At the same time that an open floor plan gives the illusion of a larger home, it permits greater flexibility in the flow from room to room. As the kitchen blends into the living room, access to bedrooms, bathrooms, and the study can be just within arm’s reach rather than down a congested hallway.

Rooms of Your Home

Yes, let’s begin with the most important part of your home – the rooms. The bedrooms are the most important ones to consider. In Oklahoma City you would find countless homes that are massive in size. However, while deciding upon number of bedrooms you need to think reasonably. How many do you exactly need? Does the number of rooms really matter more than the usability of each?

Dining Room

With time, the necessity of the conventional dining room has fallen as the casual breakfast nook has gained favor. However, you might consider building a traditional dining room which could be used to entertain guests. Other options include a wrap-around bar that can seat more people adjacent to the eating area.

Home Office or Study

With the rise in home based work, so too does the demand for home offices. Building in an option for a home office can add value to the home, especially if it is not strictly dedicated. If a suitable home office can just as readily become another bedroom or home gym, it can increase the appeal to a wider range of buyers.


A garage is essential not just for storing cars, but for storing tools and supplies that don’t belong inside, and providing a space for hands on types of work. Three car garages are quickly becoming the standard, but if perimeter space is an issue, a two-car deep space can be accessed from a single width garage door.

What You Need to Think About

Speaking with a professional home designer or developer is important. People usually see a house in their mind and try to turn it into a reality. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”. Designing a floor plan is not as intuitive as is commonly thought. If you really want to have the floor plan of your dream home, get in touch with a local custom homes expert.

Bedroom Beautification on a Budget

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Luxury Home Designer in OKC

Just like people, homes need a makeover every now and then, but this can often get very expensive – both in money and time. Oklahoma City offers many talented consultants and designers to help you give your home an exquisite new look even on the tightest budget.

Any luxury home designer in OKC will first want to survey your home. Once they see the kind of changes your home needs, they’ll start with simple and inexpensive decoration tips.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is among the first things people think of when they are planning home improvement. As quick and simple as a new color can be, the costs for painting a large house can add up. To keep the cost under control, you can use some creative solutions. For example, an accent wall of one color can add character to a room without a complete repainting. Stripes can change the look of a room with half the paint or less. Wallpaper went out of style a few years ago, but with novel designs and textures, it is making a comeback.

Paint the Furniture

If you don’t want to paint the entire house, refurbishing the furniture with a modern look will give them a new style to complement fresh décor.

Add Wall Decor

Wall art is something any OKC designer would suggest the moment you utter the word budget home makeover. However, to pull this off properly, it’s best to talk to a consultant. There are countless images and wall decals which you can use, but the wrong kind of art or placement could end up looking tacky.

Light it Up

Lights can be used to decorate a home and also the modern lights can adorn your house. Modern light fixtures are designed to double as décor. If you are looking for a way to upgrade the home design, yet you are under a tight budget, you can change light fixtures of your home. From pendant light to chandelier you can add anything and get a new look for your house. You can get a wide range of lighting at great prices at big box home improvement stores in OKC as well. If you are not sure what to buy, you can hire a home design consultant to help you out.

Play with the Space

Sometimes just a little change in placing the furniture can make a home look brand new. In case of too tight budget, change the place of your furniture. This will give your home a fresh look.

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When Should You Renovate or Rebuild Your Home

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We are often confused to decide whether we should renovate our home or rebuild it completely. There are several reasons and things to consider when opting for either of the two. This infographic shows the most feasible solution for every difficult situation you are likely to face while deciding between renovating and rebuilding your home.

Go through this infographic to know when should you renovate or rebuild and also how you can spend your money wisely while doing so.

When Should You Renovate or Rebuild

A Mélange of Elegance and Luxury for Your Home

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oklahoma home designers

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time. From preparing breakfast to dinner, we remain in the kitchen. In case of any house parties, the kitchen is where you need to entertain your guests. This is one of the major reasons in most of the Oklahoma homes turning to styling of their kitchen. Right from the kitchen cabinets to the chimney, customizing every corner of the kitchen has becomes the latest fad in Oklahoma homes.

The visual effect

If you are entertaining guest, give them a reason to appreciate your sense of styling. Crown molding is certainly a treat to eyes. It not only makes the kitchen visually appealing but it also leaves displays the elegant taste in home decoration. Most of Oklahoma home designers are opting for crown molding while renovating the kitchen. It is simply a unique way of creating a flawless transition between the wall cabinets and the ceiling.

Finish it off in style

Don’t leave any stones unturned. Go for a matching finish for your cabinet ends. This kind of detailed finish is very famous in Oklahoma homes. Well no need to be worried, as matching ends don’t come for a whooping price. Therefore getting it done is a better option. Just don’t give anybody a chance to raise finger at you.

 Yes the lower part is important

We might ignore it, but table legs play a big role in catching attention. You will have to be very witty in choosing the right leg to go with the customized kitchen. If you are unsure about which leg will be the best to suit your kitchen, give an Oklahoma home designer a buzz; they will definitely help you out. Traditional or contemporary, the experts know it all.

Play with colors

Color unknowingly gives out a lot about a person. You can choose to brightly color your kitchen, but be sure to match it with the furniture. A stroke of green or dark blue will be daring. You need to be a little cautious as color is having an impact on the lights as well. So if you are going for a darker shade, light up the kitchen accordingly.

Mix and match

Mix and match is the new tradition. The kitchen door should match with the cabinet doors. Sounds tricky? Yes, you should have eyes to mix and match both. Like in most of the Oklahoma homes, you will find a pattern of different doors and cabinet doors. Be a little wiser and do a little browsing before matching the patterns.

  Lights can be soothing

Yes, this is what gives the actual elegant looks. Light effect can change the look of any place. Light has to be fitted in a way to avoid any shadow in the cooking place. Create magic by fitting a pendulum light in the dining area. Let your home cooking place be one of the most stylish kitchens in Oklahoma.

Store things in a different manner

Customize your kitchen with wine rack drawers, create a different place for spice racks. Captivate your guests with the lighting effect on the top of each rack. Leave a long lasting impression. Create a unique pattern to steal word of acknowledgement from the mouth of all your guests. You get many choices for creative storage spaces in the Oklahoma stores.

Deciding to renovate the kitchen is a great idea, before taking any step doing some research work and consulting one of the Oklahoma home designers equally important. Don’t wait, get featured in one of the most luxurious kitchens in Oklahoma. Spend some time and will surely create a beautiful place where you can cook peacefully.

The Ten Most Happening Trends In The World Of Home Design In 2017

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oklahoma home designer

Trends keep on changing and it is true for each and every domain. Here, we would talk about the changing home design trends for the year 2017 across the nations and no doubt, the Oklahoma home designers would never stay behind the race. They keep on thinking out-of-the-box and implement the innovative ideas with their work. After talking with a few of the top-notch home designers of Oklahoma, here we have jotted down the top 5 trends. Interestingly, the same top 5 trends are doing the rounds in the higher echelons of the world of home designs.

1.The Gorgeous Laundry Rooms

A fun and cheery ambiance help us to work better. In fact, given such an ambiance, we work effortlessly. Today’s homeowners are smarter and know how to add fun with a task. That is why; they do not hesitate to splurge on the laundry room remodeling process. Some popular trendy points are: making the space for smarter storage, enhancing the functionality of the room and making way for more light.

2.Amazing Entryways

A designer powder room is one of the latest things of importance in the world of home design. The best thing is that it does not cost you havoc. A simple but uniquely designed powder room could help you create the best first impression.

3.The Indoor Bathrooms With An Outdoor Feeling

What if you get the feeling of taking showers amidst the pristine nature every time you enter your bathroom? Well, for many, it is the lifetime dream comes true. So, all we similar thinkers, why not we opt for the strategic site placement or intimate courtyards that would help us connect with the outdoor, without compromising our privacy?

4.The Sturdy Kitchen Storage Walls

Give a breezy look to your kitchen with more open space. Keep the entire space for storage onto a single, sturdy wall, making it a one-stop hub!

5.The Satin like Brass Finishes

Old is ‘Brass’, at least it is in the case of trendy home designs. The brass finish can add an affordable glitter to the space along with having a special capability of complementing different styles. Some of the Oklahoma home designers are using the brushed or satin brass which is a rather muted form of its original peer. The satin brass finishes look wonderful against a variety of backdrop colors.

6.The voice-activated assistants

Want a smart-home ecosystem? Install the voice-activated assistants. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s voice-activated interfaces are helping people to develop a smarter home.

7.Remodel the vintage

All you savvy homeowners, think out of the box! Rather than going for a pre-manufactured vanity cabinet, remodel your old file cabinets or vintage consoles. Vintage fashion is making a glorious comeback in the world of home design.

8.Green designs

Go green, go back to nature. The wooden tone is the latest trend in the market.

9. Be space savvy

Whether you own a big or a small kitchen, making better ways for the open space is always a smart thing to do! Cabinet-depth fridges can save a lot of space and help your kitchen to have a stream-lined look!

10.Go Off-white

Most of us would agree with the soothing effects of white! Some home designers of Oklahoma are in the opinion that if you balance white with natural linen hues, it could create a breathtaking look.

Keep pace with the popular trends and give an attractive makeover to your home. If you are developing a new home, talk with Oklahoma home designers. After all, we do not develop a home every day, so whenever we do, it should be the ideal one!

The Negatives of Installing Timber Windows

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OKC luxury home plans

Timber windows really look stylish and attractive. But, many argue that they don’t last for a long time. Well, the answer to this question is neither a straight no or a straight yes. A lot depends on the type of timber used, the coating, design, installation techniques and so on. Today, we are going to discuss all these aspects to find out the actual answer, especially when you have OKC luxury home plans in mind.

 Types of timber: 

Engineered redwood

Laminated variety, free of imperfections and knots, high on stability with low knot bleeding. Hence, it is a good choice.

Grandis hardwood:

Comes in a combination of three ply that are laminated for extra stability. It is extremely durable and long lasting and is apt for stain coatings.


This is of the highest durability and is recommended for coastal regions

Laminated European Oak

Be cautious when you use it. Too much stretching can affect the coating used.

How the coating is applied

A lot depends on the type of coating and how the coating is applied. Keep in mind that the coating is used to enhance the longevity of the timber while ensuring that it retains its natural glow and can breathe easily.

 What type of coating to be used – paint or satin?

Factory finished timbers have a paint finish. The micro porous coating allows the timber to breathe which prevents cracking of the timber in addition to the flaking issues. Moreover paints last longer than satins. Make sure that that the manufacturer offers instructions on recoating and preventive steps.

 The Window Design

Finally a lot depends on the design. If it has rough edges, it will be more prone to developing cracks whereas round ended timber designs last long.

Now that you know what are the things to consider, go ahead and make your OKC luxury home plans.

Tips To Build A Budget Oak Frame House – Home Designer in OKC

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home designer in OKC

Home building is an essential investment that we all need to do once at least in our life and when you plan it well, you can actually execute the idea within a very limited budget too. Oak framed house look beautiful but it is often taken for granted that they must be very expensive which the case is not always. You can actually build an oak frame house within a budget limit and still your home would look beautiful and luxurious. Here are few tips which would help you fulfill your dream for an oak frame house and you can take professional guidance from the home designers in OKC.

Understand the key factors

What leads to expenses while building an oak frame house? The major part of the expense is incurred from complications with the building site and with combination for fixtures and fitting at various levels which increase the cost. The complexity of the design too leads to an increase in price. Hence the design should be budget friendly in the first place for reducing the cost for building such a house. You can also use a structural oak frame and this can help you keep some amount of control on the cost.

Simple design

The simplistic design is a key to the budget building of your home. The standard rectangular or square shape is the most cost effective shape for a building that you can opt for when you are on a budget. Also do not complicate the roof and window designs and position to ensure that your budget is maintained well enough. The home designers in okc offers in-house architectural services to help you build your home within a very limited budget. Also do keep in mind the cost of the land, and the various non-material fees associated with the home such as insurance, warranties and planning applications.

“Supply and erect” package

Often the clients opt for the already-erected oak frame and insulated wall and roofing encapsulation from the builders and from there they complete the work independently with the own subcontractor. This can reduce your cost even further provided the subcontractor you choose is cheap enough. Also some clients choose to finish the work on their own but then again, you need some amount of experience in home building to do so and hence if you do not have such experience it is always advised not to undertake such work just like that.

Cost effective glazing

While the modern oak frame houses feature large area of glass and glazed gables, the best way to get robust glazing in a budget would be the face glazing method. For this it is important that you get the services from specialized contractors who provide such services. With the help of the home designers in okc you can easily find such contractors.

Hybrid approach

Incorporating softwood frames at lesser important areas of the house is often considered to a good way to cut the cost for building a home. The areas like utility rooms, boot rooms and bathrooms are places are where you can go for softwood frames in combination with oak frames. In this way the character and beauty of oak framing is well maintained but you can reduce the cost and ensure that your house still looks beautiful. However all this depends on the design of the home and depending on the type of design whether you can at all include some amount of softwood framing within the home design. The base idea is that the oak frame should be visible while the softwood frames must blend in.