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15 Green Home Building Ideas in Oklahoma

October 4th, 2017 Posted by Green Home, Green Home Building, Home Building Ideas in Oklahoma No Comment yet

Green Home Building Ideas in Oklahoma

The modern world witnesses a lot of environmental concerns. To keep the environment clean and healthy for us, it is important for each of us to be aware and take steps to help. Building a green home can be one of the ways you can pitch in and save a lot of green of your own.

For the benefits of the green home, homebuilders and homeowners in Oklahoma City have caught on to this trend. Even if you’re not planning to build a new home, the methods of changing a normal home into an environmental friendly one are simple enough for any homeowner.

Benefits of Going Green

The best thing about a green home is the ability to cut costs with appliances that pay for themselves through saved power and water. You can slice off the electricity bill. There are countless ways to go green. However, some obvious ways are often forgotten by homeowners in Oklahoma City.

Green Home Building – Ideas to Try

Building a home in Oklahoma can be an easy task because OKC homebuilders are ready to help their clients to create environment friendly homes.


The lot you choose to build on plays a great role in building a green home. When you are thinking of creating the home design, consider the direction your home should face. Large windows should face south so you get warning in the winter. Include an overhang to block the sun during summer.

If you are buying a property, watch out for earthquake or flood prone areas to avoid the added construction costs and their environmental impact.

Another important fact to remember is to check your transportation options near the location. Also, check whether schools, shops, and attractions are nearby so you can make short and efficient trips.

Compact and Cute

The evironmental impact of a home is an important factor that grows exponentially with the size of your home. A large house will be heavy in the pocket because it will need more heat or air conditioning to Oklahoma’s icy winters and hot summers. A professional custom home builder can help you make the most of a small footprint.

Energy Efficiency

If you do your research, you will see that there are countless energy efficient products available in the market. Some may cost a bit more to buy, but the monthly bills drop due to the energy and water efficiency.

Right Insulation

Insulation is an essential element that every homeowner needs to consider when building a green home. The heating and cooling take up a lot of energy which can make a big difference in the monthly electricity bill. You should not allow your costly heating and cooling go waste by compromising in insulation. Properly installed spray foam insulation is among the best options available today.


Recycling is a way using which you can help the nature. Reuse old products like old wooden furniture and flooring. Rather than buying new set, you can opt to paint or restain them instead. This will save the cost of buying new furniture and also help you build an environment friendly surrounding. For construction waste, see that your home builder uses sustainable disposal methods.

Durable Material

If you want to build a green home, environment friendly product use should be your major focus. From roofing of the house to the flooring should be environment friendly. Oklahoma home owners use recycled glasses, plastic and bamboo flooring to build homes which are both stylish and nature friendly.

Solar and Wind

Solar energy is a clean and reusable energy source. To use the solar energy you can opt for photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. Yes, solar panels are costly. However, this will be a one-time cost which you pay at the initial stage of installation and purchase. Once the product is installed, Oklahoma’s relentless sun will provide plenty of power to pay for them.

Also consider solar heating for hot water. With a supplemental gas heater, you’ll have reliable hot water year round, while saving a lot on gas water heating.

Energy Window

Energy efficient windows will help you build the green home you desire. There are countless energy efficient windows available on the market. This is the reason you need to check the insulation rating of the window before making a purchase.

Rainwater Harvesting System

A rainwater harvesting system can be an excellent way to complement your green home. Many Oklahoma homeowners use stored rainwater from downspouts for lawn and garden irrigation.

Eco Friendly Lighting

LED and CFL light bulbs have gotten much cheaper over the last few years. They can reduce power use for lighting by as much as 90%. An incandescent porch light will consume 60 to 75 Watts whereas an LED we use 5 to 10 Watts, paying for itself in just about two weeks.

Water Conserving Feature

Low-consumption toilets, faucets and low-flow, high-velocity showerheads can be used to build green homes while keeping you clean and comfortable. These products can help you conserve water, bringing down your water bill.