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Successful Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

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We all dream of staying in a luxury home. However, there are various ways we can make our home a successful one. There are certain things to look after like market conditions, consultation with a good representative, loans & financing, ideal location, selecting custom features, proper inspection of the site, and last but not the least a closing attorney.

Go through this infographic to have a detailed understanding of all these successful tips for buying a luxury home.

Successful Tips for Buying A New Home

Bedroom Beautification on a Budget

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Luxury Home Designer in OKC

Just like people, homes need a makeover every now and then, but this can often get very expensive – both in money and time. Oklahoma City offers many talented consultants and designers to help you give your home an exquisite new look even on the tightest budget.

Any luxury home designer in OKC will first want to survey your home. Once they see the kind of changes your home needs, they’ll start with simple and inexpensive decoration tips.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is among the first things people think of when they are planning home improvement. As quick and simple as a new color can be, the costs for painting a large house can add up. To keep the cost under control, you can use some creative solutions. For example, an accent wall of one color can add character to a room without a complete repainting. Stripes can change the look of a room with half the paint or less. Wallpaper went out of style a few years ago, but with novel designs and textures, it is making a comeback.

Paint the Furniture

If you don’t want to paint the entire house, refurbishing the furniture with a modern look will give them a new style to complement fresh décor.

Add Wall Decor

Wall art is something any OKC designer would suggest the moment you utter the word budget home makeover. However, to pull this off properly, it’s best to talk to a consultant. There are countless images and wall decals which you can use, but the wrong kind of art or placement could end up looking tacky.

Light it Up

Lights can be used to decorate a home and also the modern lights can adorn your house. Modern light fixtures are designed to double as décor. If you are looking for a way to upgrade the home design, yet you are under a tight budget, you can change light fixtures of your home. From pendant light to chandelier you can add anything and get a new look for your house. You can get a wide range of lighting at great prices at big box home improvement stores in OKC as well. If you are not sure what to buy, you can hire a home design consultant to help you out.

Play with the Space

Sometimes just a little change in placing the furniture can make a home look brand new. In case of too tight budget, change the place of your furniture. This will give your home a fresh look.

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8 Types of Houses New Homeowners Go Crazy For

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A home that fulfills your dream of aesthetics, location, and all the best features is a nearly impossible to find. There are so many different modern architectures and designs today that provide you with variety to look into. The innovative interiors and the beautiful designs for the surrounding of the house are a treat for eyes. However, the classic designs have time and again been a favorite among many people and clients usually ask the builders in various regions of Oklahoma to stick to the conventional and traditional designs.

Old Homes

old houses
The old-world charm of the vintage architecture makes such houses a very popular choice. There are luxury home designers who renovate such houses to retrofit them with all types of modern amenities without compromising with their character. Houses in the countryside that are a bit secluded are popular among many clients. Homeowners can always renovate and modify such homes to add a personal touch.

Tiny Homes

While some people prefer spaciousness, the charm and creativity that can be packed into modern tiny houses is something to behold. The compact nature of such house is maintained with the help of various multipurpose furniture and fixtures. This kind of house or living space can be built even on water or within a boat or yacht. Such a home may appear cramped but in reality, every corner of the house is put to maximum use. The design is such that there is a dedicated style and purpose for each part of the house. Luxury home designers have designs for every need and they also design such homes in Edmond.

tiny houses

Homes on Wheels

House on WheelsModern mobile homes aren’t last century’s utilitarian trailers. Have you ever felt like taking your home along with our every time you travel? Now this is made possible with the latest architectural technologies where you have houses with wheels. Usually they are similar to tiny homes with compact setup of the house and its design and they have wheels which let you move about as and when you want. Such houses do not have rates and tax troubles and you can always move around as per your choice and save yourself from the headache of packing and unpacking.

Modern Homes

Nothing can beat the sophistication and comfort of a modern house. Perfectly designed to meet all the necessities of modern lifestyle, the modern house is luxurious with every convenient design you can think of. The luxury home designers have a plenty of designs that you can choose from when it comes of modern home designs. If you are in Edmond, you can easily connect with some of the top builders who specialize in such homes.

Minimalist Homes

minimalist homes

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As the name suggests, this kind of houses have minimal requirements where the residents can easily conserve energy – both electrical and mental – at their home. Though they sound very simple, such houses can be expensive, as many builders opt for novel materials and design techniques. Nevertheless, the ethereal beauty and serenity of such a home cannot be ignored.

Environmentally-Friendly Homes

Eco Friendly Homes

A dune house is a perfect example of environment friendly house. Making the most of your lawn for conserving the environment like planting and maintaining a large area full of trees and using all types of renewable energy for running the household is a major aspect of the environment friendly house. In Edmond, luxury home designers can design such a home for you, complete with solar water heaters, wind or solar power, and a battery of energy conserving techniques.

Beach Homes

Though Oklahoma doesn’t have beaches on the ocean, the state is famous for its many lakes. Overlooking water with a balcony opening up right to the beach is a dream home for many people. Beach houses can be expensive, not to mention land prices given the need to find a space level enough for building the beach house. Moreover, accounting for safety and architectural integrity when building near water can drive up the cost. The beach house can be of various shapes and size but the main purpose is to keep the house airy and open with amply balconies and large windows.

Rustic Homes

Rustic Houses

A beautiful log home amidst the meadows and forests of a lush country side is a fairytale to many. Rustic, ranch, or country homes are a staple of Oklahoma’s rural areas and remain affordable. The modern amenities are blended into the rustic charm of such homes by the luxury home designers as they design the house.

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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Own Home

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Luxury homeWe all have an image of our dream home in mind. Building a house involve lots of planning and research. There are various types of designs you can choose from. One’s dream home must be the ideal combination of beauty and practicality rolled into one. The city of Edmond has a number of architectural and design professionals to help you along the way. A luxury home designer in Edmond can guide you to your dream home while ensuring that you don’t make the most common design mistakes.

Thinking Ahead for Your HVAC System

Mold and moisture resistance of your new house depends upon proper planning and budget. So, the unit size should be taken into account. The HVAC systems capacity, brand, and location within the home all factor into whether your home will be adequately heated or cooled and whether a failure will cause $200 or $2,000 worth of damage. To ensure that you find the right HVAC system for your home in Edmond, get in touch with your local home designer.


Planning the Available Spaces

It’s often difficult to get a feel for how a room works from a blueprint. A home, be it large or small, can suffer a lot of unusable space if there are too many unintended flow disruptions. Thus space planning is an essential part of the entire home plan. The goal is to judiciously use the space available with forethought about how each space is going to be used. Consider where furniture and appliances are going to go and where people will pass through rooms and hallways.

Lot Planning
Coordinating the indoors and the outdoors is a vital part of overall plan of a new home. How will the house face the road and have driveway access? Do you want a certain area of the backyard left available for a pool? Oklahoma’s natural beauty in lakes and forests may offer some exceptional views that poor planning would otherwise block.
Lighting in a room
Lighting can play a miraculous role in changing the entire look of your home, both inside and out. Planning for windows and which direction they face will determine how much, what kind, and when natural light enters the home. Skylights can be very expensive if not factored into the original plans. Moreover, rooms and hallways should be designed to allow for a well-lit home without having to plant light fixtures everywhere.

Placement of Rooms

A well-designed home has a certain logic to it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and laundry are often close together, whereas common areas like the kitchen, living and dining rooms share one large area. Public areas like the kitchen and living room are usually best placed close to the front door, but more private areas like bedrooms would be closer to a door less likely to be used by guests or strangers such as a garage or back door. Also consider sources of noise and disruption. Putting a study on the other side of the wall backing the fridge with a noisy ice dispenser may not be the best idea.


The best kitchens are wide open rooms with several entry ways and a clear path for foot traffic. The kitchen is not just the place for making food, but it also doubles as a kind of command center for the home. Thus, it’s good idea to make as many of the common areas of the home, including exterior, visible and accessible from the kitchen. As for food prep, lighting is important, but so is ventilation, a natural gas line, high load power lines, plumbing, and all the rest. Consider future appliances upgrades when designing the kitchen. Last but certainly not least: storage. Storage is a big deal for the kitchen, and one can never seem to have enough.


Make Your Home Architectural Masterpiece

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Make Your Home Architectural Masterpiece

True to the saying, “home is where the heart is”, when you are buying or constructing a new home, you’ll find just how meaningful it is. Your guests recognize your finer tastes through your home designs. Your home bears significant traits of your personality. Constructing a new home exactly as you want it is not a decision that you make every day. For many, it is once in a lifetime decision. It is not similar with ordering clothes from brands of fast fashion. You need to choose the perfect home designer for shaping your house. Your home should turn into an architectural masterpiece and only an expert could offer you that.