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The Negatives of Installing Timber Windows

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OKC luxury home plans

Timber windows really look stylish and attractive. But, many argue that they don’t last for a long time. Well, the answer to this question is neither a straight no or a straight yes. A lot depends on the type of timber used, the coating, design, installation techniques and so on. Today, we are going to discuss all these aspects to find out the actual answer, especially when you have OKC luxury home plans in mind.

 Types of timber: 

Engineered redwood

Laminated variety, free of imperfections and knots, high on stability with low knot bleeding. Hence, it is a good choice.

Grandis hardwood:

Comes in a combination of three ply that are laminated for extra stability. It is extremely durable and long lasting and is apt for stain coatings.


This is of the highest durability and is recommended for coastal regions

Laminated European Oak

Be cautious when you use it. Too much stretching can affect the coating used.

How the coating is applied

A lot depends on the type of coating and how the coating is applied. Keep in mind that the coating is used to enhance the longevity of the timber while ensuring that it retains its natural glow and can breathe easily.

 What type of coating to be used – paint or satin?

Factory finished timbers have a paint finish. The micro porous coating allows the timber to breathe which prevents cracking of the timber in addition to the flaking issues. Moreover paints last longer than satins. Make sure that that the manufacturer offers instructions on recoating and preventive steps.

 The Window Design

Finally a lot depends on the design. If it has rough edges, it will be more prone to developing cracks whereas round ended timber designs last long.

Now that you know what are the things to consider, go ahead and make your OKC luxury home plans.

Luxury Home Plans for Small Houses

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OKC luxury home plans for small houses

When you have decided to make OKC luxury home plans it does not mean that you have to spend huge amount of money. If you plan wisely and take all the important factors into consideration, you will be able to get your dream home built in the least amount possible. Today we are going to discuss 3 different plans that you can consider to get the home of your dreams built.

Westover House Plan

 In this plan you get both innovation and classic elegance combined in the best possible manner. It has multiple amenities on offer that will go beautifully with the Oklahoma surroundings. In this plan the master bedroom is connected with the wet bar and study with two different upstairs layout and one basement. This plan is open to customization, which means you can get the home tailor-made as per your specifications.

Clearfield House Plan

In this second one of the three OKC luxury home plans you can easily combine craftsman style with hillside design. If you have a sloped plot, this plan will suit beautifully. Amenities include built –in with corner windows, fireplace, media center along with the window seat for some cosy “me” time. The dining room is quite spacious and boasts of double French doors that opens up to a deck and hutch area. Other rooms include – the laundry room, mudroom, wet bar and wine cellar to name but a few.

Aspen Creek House Plan

The third and final of the OKC luxury home plans is this one. One of the major attractions is the foyer that is well supported by the study room with coffered ceilings and built-ins. The guest bedroom has walk in closet and built in bathroom. The living room opens up to the master bedroom accompanied by a kitchen, breakfast bar, fireplaces in the corner and a cooking patio towards the rear of the house that opens up to two car garages. Beautiful isn’t it?

Finally the master suite is fit for a king and queen. It has a luxurious bathroom that is not only spacious but has vanities for both him and her, a separate tub and shower followed by a spacious wardrobe area. The utility room sums up the house.

You can take your pick from any of these three plans when you are planning to get your dream home built in Oklahoma. Make sure the house fits your budget and suits the property. Go ahead and checkout these three OKC luxury house plans today.