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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Own Home

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Luxury homeWe all have an image of our dream home in mind. Building a house involve lots of planning and research. There are various types of designs you can choose from. One’s dream home must be the ideal combination of beauty and practicality rolled into one. The city of Edmond has a number of architectural and design professionals to help you along the way. A luxury home designer in Edmond can guide you to your dream home while ensuring that you don’t make the most common design mistakes.

Thinking Ahead for Your HVAC System

Mold and moisture resistance of your new house depends upon proper planning and budget. So, the unit size should be taken into account. The HVAC systems capacity, brand, and location within the home all factor into whether your home will be adequately heated or cooled and whether a failure will cause $200 or $2,000 worth of damage. To ensure that you find the right HVAC system for your home in Edmond, get in touch with your local home designer.


Planning the Available Spaces

It’s often difficult to get a feel for how a room works from a blueprint. A home, be it large or small, can suffer a lot of unusable space if there are too many unintended flow disruptions. Thus space planning is an essential part of the entire home plan. The goal is to judiciously use the space available with forethought about how each space is going to be used. Consider where furniture and appliances are going to go and where people will pass through rooms and hallways.

Lot Planning
Coordinating the indoors and the outdoors is a vital part of overall plan of a new home. How will the house face the road and have driveway access? Do you want a certain area of the backyard left available for a pool? Oklahoma’s natural beauty in lakes and forests may offer some exceptional views that poor planning would otherwise block.
Lighting in a room
Lighting can play a miraculous role in changing the entire look of your home, both inside and out. Planning for windows and which direction they face will determine how much, what kind, and when natural light enters the home. Skylights can be very expensive if not factored into the original plans. Moreover, rooms and hallways should be designed to allow for a well-lit home without having to plant light fixtures everywhere.

Placement of Rooms

A well-designed home has a certain logic to it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and laundry are often close together, whereas common areas like the kitchen, living and dining rooms share one large area. Public areas like the kitchen and living room are usually best placed close to the front door, but more private areas like bedrooms would be closer to a door less likely to be used by guests or strangers such as a garage or back door. Also consider sources of noise and disruption. Putting a study on the other side of the wall backing the fridge with a noisy ice dispenser may not be the best idea.


The best kitchens are wide open rooms with several entry ways and a clear path for foot traffic. The kitchen is not just the place for making food, but it also doubles as a kind of command center for the home. Thus, it’s good idea to make as many of the common areas of the home, including exterior, visible and accessible from the kitchen. As for food prep, lighting is important, but so is ventilation, a natural gas line, high load power lines, plumbing, and all the rest. Consider future appliances upgrades when designing the kitchen. Last but certainly not least: storage. Storage is a big deal for the kitchen, and one can never seem to have enough.


Construction Techniques for Energy Efficient Housing

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With increasing energy costs and environmental awareness in Oklahoma City, new home construction has acquired new imperatives. While many eco-friendly homeowners are happy to plant new trees, they are still looking out for ways to make an even bigger impact on their carbon footprint. One such way is through novel techniques for sustainable and energy efficient housing when designing and building a new home.

  • Location: Planning a new home from the ground up gives ample opportunity to do it in the greenest way possible. For instance, you can ensure that the direction the largest windows face is away from direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day, reducing air conditioning needs. Also, choosing a plot that is well connected to the rest of OKC will help reduce car emissions during your regular commute.
  • Smaller is Better: Smaller homes require fewer materials, less shipment, less energy to heat and cool, and less fuel to maintain the lawn. Like gearheads used to say “there’s no substitute for cubic inches”; eco-friendly homeowners know there’s no substitute for downsizing.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances: Many appliances available nowadays are designed to be more energy efficient. If you look carefully, you will notice that many of these products come with an “Energy Star” rating and an estimate of annual energy consumption. These indicators help homeowners make informed decisions about the most energy hungry products they buy. Energy efficient lighting like LED and CFL bulbs do cost more than the regular light bulbs, but both last much longer and consume less energy.
  • Insulation: For new construction, insulation is huge opportunity area for eco-consciousness. Novel materials such as soy foam insulation reduce the use of toxic materials in construction. Also, including adequate insulation from the start can help reduce energy consumption on heating and cooling, which account for as much as 50% of a home’s energy use.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The three R’s are pretty simple to follow: reduce how much you buy and consume by using the resources available in more efficient ways; reuse what can be, such as reclaimed wood, hardware, and fixtures; recycle what can’t be reused, like broken glass and metal.
  • Sustainable Building Materials: Technology has greatly expanded our options in building materials. There is now a substitute for virgin lumber that is made with wood pulp and polymers, but wears better and it just as strong.
  • Alternative Power: Solar and wind energy are great options for Oklahoma’s sunny and windy climate. Yes, it is true that solar panels are expensive up front, but most models will pay for themselves in less than half the time it takes to pay off a mortgage!
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems: For my 5th grade science project, we were taught how to collect rainwater and store it in tanks for future use. You can use this water to water your lawn or landscaping on hot, dry days.

When looking to build an eco-friendly home in OKC, have a detailed discussion with your builder about your needs and expectations, and he can surely advise you accordingly.

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