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Tips For Adding A Deck To Your Single-Story House

July 10th, 2017 Posted by deck in single storied house oklahoma, Oklahoma Home Designers No Comment yet


A deck can be a wonderful addition to your house. It can create a sense of freedom which nothing else can offer. This is the reason most of the houses of Oklahoma are being built with decks that would serve the purpose of entertaining the guests. Deck also can be used for other important things like turning it into the dining space or for lounging. Building a deck on the lower level is an easier task than building it on a second or the third level. If you own a single story house and want a deck, the tips given below might help build your dream house.

Adding a Deck on Single Story House

If you explore recent trend in Oklahoma you will find that the homeowners prefer to build deck directly off the kitchen or living room areas. These are great ways of building your deck, but, you can consider some out of the box ideas well. The new age Oklahoma home designers are eager to experiment with new ideas and create houses.

Consider Climate

Well, when you are trying to build a deck, consider the climate of the area you are living. If the climate is hot, there is no point in building the deck where it gets afternoon or evening sunlight. Instead, find a place which would offer shade at this time of the day. In case, you live in a cool climate where the freezing breeze blows day long, you would have to find a place where sunlight is ample.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a living area which gives a stunning view, but, you can still choose to find a part of the house from where the world appeared beautiful. You can even choose the part of the house from where the sky could be seen unobstructed. This would give you a sense of freedom as well.


Well, those who desire to build a deck around their pool area would certainly want to have privacy. Sometimes houses don’t offer any private area where pool deck could be built. This is the time you would have to add fencing or wall. The modern day Oklahoma houses use trees around the pool to add shade and create a private area.


The railing and the seating areas can be considered when considering a deck. These add a glamorous look and this is the reason why it is advisable to include them to the deck area.

A home designer would be able to offer you much more advice which will make it come to life. In Oklahoma, you would find minimalist decks that are both graceful and stylish to look at.