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10 Home Décor Trends That Will Be Huge In 2017

January 17th, 2017 Posted by home designer edmond No Comment yet

design trends of 2017

Oklahoma’s capitol city is the cosmopolitan heart of the state, offering state of the art infrastructure, design, and architecture. Featuring some of the largest and most innovative single family homes in the US, Oklahoma City has been a hub of the growth and development of the home design industry. If you are looking to build a custom home, you can choose from a range of design and build specialists the city has to offer. When thinking about what you want in a custom home, consider these 10 Home Décor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017.

  • “I can’t believe it’s wallpaper!”: Just when you thought wallpaper was out of style for good, advances in design have given the once maligned décor element a new life. From brick, to marble, to faux bookshelves, to modern art, to natural scenery, wallpaper now offers a trompe l’oeil appeal. When thinking about your accent walls, give wallpaper a hard-earned second look.
  • Matte finishes: Remember when shiny brass everything was big 20 years ago? Brushed and bronzed metal eventually ousted that trend, but nowadays, flat is in. Matte finishes offer a clean, modern look to electrical and plumbing fixtures as well as appliances. Matte finish woodwork can offer that lauded Danish sense of “hygge” or coziness, without looking too homely.
  • Glass tile: Where busy Renaissance themed tile may have dominated over the past decade, the clean look and visual depth of glass tile is slowly taking over. Keep your home trendy in 2017 with blue, green, grey or neutral toned glass tiles on your shower walls or kitchen backsplash.
  • Marble countertops: Granite has had a long run as the most durable and yet beautiful natural stone for countertops; but nowadays, natural and engineered marble are taking center-stage. Perhaps in response to the clean modern look in vogue today, marble offers stunning natural patterns to toss in a bit of eclecticism. Engineered marble is looking more and more like the real thing, all the while proving more heat, scratch, and stain resistant than the best treated granite.
  • Grey – The Novel Neutral: How many different shades of beige do we have to invent before we decide it’s just too vanilla for 2017? Grey is undoubtedly the new beige. Dark grey walls offer a profound sophistication to a home office; blue greys emanate serenity into the master bedroom. Contrasted with light colored trim and furniture, grey is anything but boring.
  • Indoor Vines: The humdrum of the old potted plant got you down? Reinvent the houseplant with an indoor wall of vines. A trough, a trellis, and the occasional pruning are all you need for a breath-taking touch of nature in your home.
  • Wood Tile: If you’ve ever wanted the old world charm of universal wood floors without the practical nightmare of wood in the kitchen or bathroom, wood-look tile has your fix. The variety of looks now available can give your home a uniform look throughout, with all the usability of tile where you need it.
  • Heated Floors: Definitely something to consider when planning a custom home, heated floors offer a great way to efficiently heat your home in the winter. Since many Oklahoma homes are built on a concrete slab, cold weather is often immediately obvious through the temperature of the floor.

If you’re planning to hire a custom home designer this, be sure to think ahead for the trends you want to capitalize on.