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The 10 best exterior design ideas for new home owners

July 17th, 2017 Posted by Oklahoma Home Designers No Comment yet

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Everyone wants a home which attracts attention. However, at the same time, people also want homes that would blend with the neighborhood. Designing a home requires a lot of planning. You would have to select the right color, right material and also right shapes. This is not an easy task, and because of this, the home builders of Oklahoma opt for consultation before they begin their expedition of building their homes.

If you are about to build your home, you need to ask yourself what would make your home attractive. What the houses that make people stand and stare have got to offer? The Oklahoma home designers might have the answer to that question.

The homes that make people go green with envy usually follow some patterns. Making something visually appealing is an art which people need to acquire through practice and care.


Balancing Shapes and Symmetry

To make a house look excellent from outside you would have to go for the right shape and proper symmetry play. The Oklahoma homeowners opt for the balance to make their houses look good. There are countless ways through which you can make your home exterior appealing. You can strike an apparent symmetry balance, or you can just leave it to the imagination. Either way, you would need assistance from the experts.

Making Purpose of Home Obvious

Why are you building your home? Who would live there? What are the requirements of the people who would live there? Ask yourself this before building the home. Make the requirement of your family the theme of the home design. This would surely give your home a unique designer touch.

Right Material and Texture

Here you might get confused as there are a vast array of choices exists out there. You would need to make the right choice if you want to build a house to attract people’s awe and admiration. People of Oklahoma are mixing durability with the design. Usually, they create house exteriors that reflect their personalities. Are you a retro type person? If so, you can build a retro home with the help of the home designers. Consultation with an expert can help you avoid making mistakes that cost a lot of money.

Color Fusion

Here also you will find yourself perplexed at the hand of the choices. Which color do you choose for your house exterior? Would a bold color shade look good? Or, should you opt for a pale shade? Color plays a significant role in adorning a home exterior. You can paint the fence white for a nostalgic look or just go for a bright shade to stand out. The choice is yours however the color choice needs to balance the theme of the house.

The Right Roof

Choosing the roof design is not limited to the choice of colors and materials only. You need to consider a lot of facts. The roof needs to be durable. You must opt for something which lasts and withstands the assault of weather and time. The preferred design might not come within budget. Always consider durability and the budget together when you are trying to build the roof of your house.

The Garage Door

Some don’t consider the garage door as the part of the home exterior. However, this is not true. The Oklahoma home designers urge their clients to opt for garage door designing tutorials before making any decision. Yes, this is as important as the exterior of the house and the roof. Designing knowledge is only the light part, you would have to know about the insulation system and safety facts as well.

Once you have gathered enough knowledge, you are sure to have fun with garage door designing.

Windows that Look Great

Windows are more than a way to let air inside the house. These are features through which you can design your home. Therefore, make the windows priorities when you are designing your house. Two important facts you need to consider as you choose the right window – first the durability, then the style. The later should blend with the theme of the house.

A Great Entryway

The new age Oklahoma homeowners are going for the bold contrasting colors for their entryway. You can choose a darker shade while designing your entryway. The dark shade would make it stand out. However, in confusion, it is advisable to talk to a home designer.

Design the Landscape

The landscape needs more than green grass. You would have to adorn the landscape with well-planned trees and flower bushes. The idea is to make the landscape stand out.

However, the problem is choosing the right plant for the landscape. You can research about plants that are available. Or, you can simply opt for the flower plants that strike your fancy. While you are planning the lush yard for your home, you need to remember that plants take the time to develop. This is the reason you need to have patience.

Let there be Light

Some homeowners allow their homes to disappear into the oblivion. Don’t allow this to happen to your home. Light up the place properly. Choose the lightings that blend with your home’s theme. You need to choose lantern for a traditional home while modern lightings for modern settings.

Sometime in the middle of planning the right home design, you might lose your heart as home designing is a difficult task. However, with the help of the experts, this task can be made easy. If you think designing your home is an enormous task, you can get in touch with the home designers of Oklahoma City.