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Window Shutters Say A Lot About Your Home

May 16th, 2017 Posted by home designer edmond, home designers in okc No Comment yet

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Sometimes while going for a home renovation we give our windows a miss. That’s probably what we don’t care about. Check out how your window is looking from inside, well take a look at how it is looking from outside. The window will give out an impression of your home and your taste. Therefore, you need to be careful not only about the window but about its shutter as well.

Once you have settled down with the window, the main challenge is going to be the shutter. Yes it’s going to be a little difficult to choose the window shutter, but if you follow a proper guide it can be very helpful for you.

What all needs to be kept in mind while choosing the right window shutters? Here goes the checklist.

The first decision

  • The first and the most important thing you need to ask yourself is, where are you going to install the shutter? Is it inside or outside? Inside shutters comes with the option of how much window will remain covered and how much window will remain displayed. That depends on you. In Edmond, high wind is very common. Exterior shutters will help to protect the windows as well as the interior of the home from wind.

To be simple or stylish is a question to ponder

  • Once you are through with the installation decision, now comes the time to display your home decoration taste. Panel style plays a major role in choosing a window shutter. You have got ample of choices when it comes to panel styling. You can choose louvered shutter, which is durable and adds an extra layer of style to your home. Raised panel can be a good option to protect your home from external calamities. Don’t get confused between the shaker shutter and raised panel, both looks identical. The only thing is shaker shutter has a flat body. Scandinavian shutter is a great help when the condition worsens, it will act like a shield. It might be tough for you to choose just one from so many panel styles. It never hurts to consult an expert. Talk to any of the home designer in Edmond, they will make your decision easy.

Size matters

  • Now comes the size. Cafe style shutter is extremely famous in Edmond. You can choose this style to highlight the elegant side of your home. This will definitely add an extra layer of charm to your home. You can go for a full height shutter, which is cost effective and very common. Tier on tier is another common window shutter used in Edmond. It is famous because, it gives an option to choose which part of the window should remain open and which part has to be kept closed.

Finally giving it a shape

  • Sorting out the panel style and size won’t mark the end of your hard work. Shapes can be tricky as well. This has to be matched with the shape of your window. In case you find it to be very difficult try consulting one of the home designer in Edmond, your work will be half done.

The last step

  • Check which shutter material is best suited for your window. You can go ahead with wood shutters or laminates shutters or metal or maybe PVC.

The checklist is huge. Home renovation requires hard work. If you have decided to make you home one of the most elegant homes in Edmond, try choosing things very cautiously. It won’t be so difficult if you follow the guide properly.