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Unusual Storage Spaces And Their Usage

September 22nd, 2017 Posted by home designers in Oklahoma, Home Renovation, space utility tips No Comment yet


You are aware of every inch of your home, but when you need to store something, you may feel that there is no more storage left that you can use. This is a common problem for homeowners. Let us help you to innovate a few storage places just before your eyes.

Kitchen cabinet top:


You might think the countertop never needs more stuff, but you’d be surprised. Make extra room in your spice cabinet by setting up a classy countertop spice rack. Use a multi-layered fruit basket for handy apples and pears, over an extra level for regular clutter or utensils.

The windowsill:

The kitchen window recess can be fitted with a sleek shelving design to keep a few decorative or useful items. A nice set of glassware will make the window glimmer as the light will passes through.

Ceiling or wall fixing:

A pan rack can make a stunning addition to the vertical balance of a kitchen. You can fix a hook on the ceiling or in the sidewall and attach some storage space like a bracket, shelves or a seat, which will leave the underneath floor free.

Behind the sofa or couch:


Often the back portion of the couch is left unused as we do not think of it as storage. When the sofa or the couch is against the wall, no empty space can be found, but if you can drag the couch a feet or half away, you will get the space to stash some collapsible furniture. A nice console table in the hall can also serve the purpose of storing the extra dishware.

Shower room:

Looking around the bathroom for places to install a cabinet or add shelving is a unique challenge. Consider the shower itself: with creative tile work, extra space in the shower can be converted into storage for toiletries and even towels. This will make up for the lack of towel cabinet yet serve the purpose even better.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

September 10th, 2017 Posted by Flooring Tips, home designer edmond, home designers in Oklahoma, Home Renovation, Infographics, Oklahoma Home Designers No Comment yet

Are you planning to install hardwood flooring in your house and confused to choose between solid and engineered hardwood flooring? This infographic can solve your issues and help you make better decisions. You will get to know what solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring actually are and their several benefits. Also, you will understand which areas of your house require what type of flooring along with some useful maintenance tips.

Go through this infographic to learn more about solid vs engineered hardwood flooring.

Solid vs engineered hardwood flooring

When Should You Renovate or Rebuild Your Home

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We are often confused to decide whether we should renovate our home or rebuild it completely. There are several reasons and things to consider when opting for either of the two. This infographic shows the most feasible solution for every difficult situation you are likely to face while deciding between renovating and rebuilding your home.

Go through this infographic to know when should you renovate or rebuild and also how you can spend your money wisely while doing so.

When Should You Renovate or Rebuild

Best Ways To Customize Your Living Room In Edmond

November 9th, 2016 Posted by home designer edmond, Home Renovation No Comment yet

living room home designerEveryone wants their home sweet home in a cozy corner of the world. Keeping décor in mode is not always easy, but you can ensure that your home meets your expectations with the help of a pro. Edmond offers an excellent choice of home designers to enhance the beauty of your interior while incorporating your own ideas to personalize their proposed design. Here are some pointers:

The lighting of the living room

Lighting plays a vital role in the overall look and feel of your home. With proper lighting, you can emphasize certain design elements and even make the room look bigger. Natural lighting through windows is usually preferred and must be taken into account when designing a custom home. Skylights are another source of natural light. High ceilings with light color or white paint will give the room a more spacious feel.


The paint and the color scheme of the home is another chief factor that influences the way your home looks. There are various textures of paint. Be it matte finish or satin finish paint, if you use color judiciously then you can be sure to get your home at its best. Use a theme color in each room, highlighted by one or two complementary colors with a neutral backdrop, such as gray, taupe, beige, or white.

Vintage and antique pieces

No matter how modern your home décor is, a vintage or antique piece of furniture or show piece never looks out of place – a magic is created by adding such a piece in the room décor, known as an eclectic style. Rather than selling off your hand-me-downs, creatively incorporate them within the new design. You can also seek the advice of a professional help to blend the two styles.

Framed art

The right framing can actually bring out a lot from even an average quality art. Mat board can be used to highlight trace colors in art work, emphasizing their connection to the rest of the room. The frame itself can be a work of art, adding depth and contrast to the wall. Add to the uniqueness of your home with custom frames and art after your own tastes.

Attention to detail

There are many small things that make up the attitude of a room. Trim colors, floor rugs, the placement of furniture, even where you store household items can alter the entire demeanor of the home. House plants are one feature that have an almost magical quality to home décor. The addition of a living plant adds a depth to a room, as well as another opportunity to embolden your theme in the form of the pot. People connect psychologically with nature, so even without realizing it, a plant can add a certain serenity and completeness to home décor.

Top 5 Home Renovation Tips

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5 Home Renovation Tips

People’s likings change like the weather. It seems to be a law of nature that we are attracted to new things. We never feel comfortable to sport the same look. The fashion that we used to follow during our college days have long been replaced with ruling trends of passing years. When you live at a place for a long time you tend to feel bored with the same home decor and external architecture. The solution is to renovate your home.

Methods of home design have undergone many changes over the years. Newer concepts like utilizing the space to its maximum potential or implementing eco-friendly construction methods are just some of the most recent trends that are being regularly tried in the world of architecture. As the state of Oklahoma is known for its booming architecture industry, sporting the largest single family home in the nation, no doubt that many innovative tips are being implemented in the field of home construction as well as renovation.